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Early Leak Detection: How it Will Spare Your Pocket

In a country that has been experiencing drought conditions and water shortages for many years, water is a precious resource that must be carefully conserved. A small leakage in one’s plumbing – even though minuscule – can accumulate to a lot of water lost over time. Without the assistance of a professional leak detector, this issue can continue long enough for severe water damage to occur. It can also rack up hefty water bills. Early leak detection will save you time and money – as well as effort spent on rectifying a whole host of other issues.

Reducing Potential Water Damage

Leaky pipes that go unnoticed will cause moisture to accumulate within the home’s infrastructure. It may stain walls, destroy drywall, or cause expensive hardwood floors to warp and buckle. Moisture damage is enough to cause rot anywhere in the home – from your ceiling to your skirtings. This will inevitably cost a lot to fix. If you suspect an issue, calling in a professional leak detector is crucial.

Keeping Your Foundation Safe

Moisture decreases structural stability when it comes to buildings. A leaking pipe in the ground can affect your home’s foundation. Eventually, this problem could become so serious that it causes the foundation to shift, move, or sink. It can also cause uneven floors and an altogether unsafe living space.

Protecting Your Home Furnishings

It’s not just the brick and mortar one must protect – but the furnishings within homes and businesses too. Carpeting, furniture, appliances, and even electrical wiring can be negatively impacted if leak detection professionals are not hired soon enough. Finding the right plumber as soon as possible will save you thousands of rands in damage.

Ensuring Your Water Safety

While a leaky pipe normally forces water out, a drop in pressure around the damaged pipe can draw contaminants into the crack or hole. This is incredibly dangerous as it may affect the safety of the water, especially when used for drinking. The right leak detector tools will be able to pinpoint the precise area of the leakage without the need to cause unnecessary damage to the property.

Avoiding Pests and Health Hazards

An accumulation of moisture within a building can draw unwanted pests. Wayward insects are known to breed in stagnant water and rotting wood from moisture damage attracts bugs that feast on the wood. Moisture build-up can also lead to the growth of mould and mildew.

Keeping Your Water Supply Reliable

A disrupted water supply is inconvenient. Most homes rely upon a steady water supply to aid in everything from cooking to bathing. If water pressure falls or even stops completely, depending upon the kind of leak, daily household activities will become a challenge. To prevent major water loss and ensure that your home runs without hassle, be sure to call on a professional leak detector the minute you suspect your plumbing has sprung a leakage.

The Leak Detector Methods We Use

Here at Alpha Plumbing, our superior leak detection services will ensure that the issue is found and dealt with in no time. We make use of advanced leak detector technology to offer our customers a comprehensive list of solutions – from hydrogen and nitrogen gas injections to thermal cameras.

For phenomenal leakage detection and professional, top-tier services, don’t hesitate to call on us today.

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