Need an Urgent Geyser Replacement? Don’t Hesitate – Call on Us!

The benefits of hot water go a long way. We use it for cooking, cleaning, laundering, and personal hygiene. Being without hot water, or when the taps suddenly only run tepid water, is a major disruption for any household. One way to ensure that your daily showers stay warm is to properly maintain your geyser. This may also mean investing in a replacement when needed. Replacing your water heating system does not just need to happen when it malfunctions or breaks, however. There are quite a few signs that you might need a replacement soon.

Geysers with High Mineral Content

Like any other appliance within a home, geysers have a lifespan that won’t last forever. For many models, this lifespan will not usually exceed 10 years, and some may last less time. The older your water heating system becomes, the more likely it is to leak, burst, or malfunction due to high mineral content. Hard water that contains salt may also lead to scaling that prematurely ages a geyser. If you are unsure whether your system needs a replacement due to high mineral content, you can simply call on us for an assessment.

Hearing Strange Noises

If your geyser starts to make unusual noises such as rumbling while the tank heats up, banging, or other sounds, you should call a professional. A common issue is the build-up of sediment that may harden over time at the bottom of the tank’s floor. The system then uses more energy to heat the water and it may lead to excess wear that causes cracks and leaks. It might not always require a geyser replacement, but it is always better to call in a plumber once strange noises start.

Rusty-coloured Water

If you turn on your hot-water tap and notice some discolouration in the water (this may look rusty-brown or have a reddish tint), it could be an indicator of rust in the geyser. Natural wear and tear may break down the anti-rust properties in the system, which exposes the metal to water and causes it to rust. Once rust and corrosion happen, you are not far off from a leak or burst geyser in need of urgent replacement. Dealing with the issue as soon as you spot the signs is imperative.

Excessive Leaking

Some dripping is to be expected as the system heats up and cools down, and water naturally drips out of the pressure-control valve onto the overflow pipe. Hearing a hissing sound, spotting large puddles near your geyser, or noticing excessive leaking that amounts to a few litres a day, however, requires a professional. This is usually a sign that you need a geyser replacement or urgent repair services.

Water Not Heating Properly

Inadequate heating or water that just isn’t as hot as it always used to be is a major sign you need a geyser replacement. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing the heating element, but if you notice that the system requires more and more repairs over time, it is a far better investment to replace it all.

In South Africa, only PIRB-qualified and -registered plumbers can provide the public with geyser repairs and installations. Fortunately, we at Alpha Plumbing meet these standards and maintain strict compliance with all safety regulations. We will set you up with a new water heating system in a jiffy – all you have to do is call on us.