Drain Camera Inspection

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Drain Camera Inspection

Alpha Plumbing’s non-invasive sewer and drain camera inspection will save you time and money while it provides an accurate, instant, and detailed look at the condition of your underground drains. Seeing is believing – you will see the results for yourself, supported by a detailed report.

Getting to the root of drainage problems or recurring blocked drains demands an inspection of the structural integrity of your drains. Since drains are largely hidden from view, the nature and extent of the problem may not be apparent. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Alpha Plumbing can locate a defect or obstruction in a drain without digging or damage to your property.

During a drain inspection, the flexible head of the drain camera is inserted in an underground drain. While the camera is propelled into the drain, it provides a continuous live video feed of the condition of the drain. In this way, we can ascertain exactly where and what the problem is, avoiding costly and unnecessary excavations (not to mention repairs).

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The correct assessment of a defect on a drain is crucial to formulate accurate and cost-effective solutions. Satisfied customers throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria will testify that Alpha Plumbing takes the guesswork out.