Stormwater & Subsurface Drainage

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Drainage Solutions

Stormwater & Subsurface Drainage

Is there a wet, muddy, or marshy patch of soil on your property? You may be experiencing problems with your stormwater or subsurface drainage.

Reasons for Drainage Problems

  • High groundwater table.
  • Damaged stormwater drains.
  • Low-lying property.
  • Incorrect ground-falls.

Operating under the guidance of our resident Engineer*, our PIRB-registered and qualified plumbers expertly design and install –

  1. Stormwater drainage systems – to drain away excess rainwater.
  2. Groundwater drainage systems (subsoil drains) – to solve marshy soil conditions.

Every drainage problem is unique, and we use our 80 years’ combined experience to determine the best solution for the circumstances.

*JA Landman PR ENG Technologist (ENG) 8670022/PR Eng. Tech (Master) 8440354.

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What makes us unique is the measure of experience and expertise we apply to your unique problem. This enables us to provide you with a top-quality solution that we boldly and confidently guarantee for 10 years.