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At Alpha Plumbing, we understand the importance of a properly functioning geyser in ensuring the utmost comfort of your home, especially during colder seasons. Don’t let a malfunctioning geyser disrupt your daily routine—contact us today for prompt and professional geyser repair or replacement services. We’re on 24/7 standby to handle any geyser issue.

In line with industry and legislative requirements, the plumber who works on your geyser will be PIRB-qualified and registered, and a certificate of compliance can be issued upon request. This means you are guaranteed meticulous compliance with safety regulations, using only SABS-approved parts for lasting reliability.

Our team of experienced geyser technicians is equipped to quickly diagnose and resolve any geyser problem, ensuring minimal downtime for you. Trust us to get your hot water flowing again in no time.

View our helpful hints and the typical signs of a malfunctioning geyser here

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Helpful hints and the typical signs of a malfunctioning geyser

Over the past three decades, Alpha Plumbing has established itself as the trusted geyser plumber in and around the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Therefore, when you require leaking geyser repair or are faced with a geyser overflow dripping more than usual, call Alpha Plumbing without delay

Water Pouring out of the Geyser Overflow Pipe vs Geyser Overflow Dripping:

A geyser is fitted with a pressure control valve that drips on the overflow pipe. An intermittent drip, caused by the water in the geyser heating and cooling, is normal. However, a continual drip or the geyser overflow leaking or pouring is a sign that the geyser or one of its components is malfunctioning.

Geyser Overheating or Steam issuing from the Overflow Pipe:

When a geyser’s thermostat fails, it may cause the water to boil and result in the temperature safety valve opening to prevent the geyser from bursting. This is potentially dangerous and requires the immediate attention of a competent geyser plumber. Switch the geyser off at the electrical main distribution board. Open a hot water tap to allow for the hot water to drain from the geyser while letting in cold water.

No Hot Water or Geyser Tripping the Power:

This is often the result of the geyser thermostat or element malfunctioning.

Burst Geyser: What should I do?

Water dripping from the geyser itself may indicate a burst or leaking geyser – call us for 24-hour emergency assistance. Meanwhile, here are some practical steps to take to avoid consequential damage:

  • Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the main electrical distribution board.

  • Open a hot water tap for a few minutes as it will relieve the pressure from the geyser.

  • Turn off the water supply at the water mains.

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Don’t let a malfunctioning geyser ruin your day. Our prompt, 24/7 geyser services prioritise restoring the comfort of your home without compromising on safety regulations, SABS-approved parts, or PIRB-compliant services. Trust our experienced technicians to keep your hot water flowing without interruption.