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Geyser Replacement

5 Steps to Take if You Suspect a Burst Geyser in Need of Replacement

All home appliances break down over time – but none create quite as much chaos when they malfunction as burst geysers do. Without hot water, most households cannot run smoothly, and many people do not even know where to begin to ask for help. A geyser replacement is not just an inconvenience to one’s lifestyle, it is a financial burden too. Finding affordable assistance in the case of such a crisis is essential, and we at Alpha Plumbing are available 24/7 when an emergency strikes.

If you suspect that your geyser has burst and that you require an urgent replacement, there are five things that you must first do.

Step 1: Know the Signs

Once it bursts, you will need an emergency geyser replacement to prevent damage to your home. Look for signs such as low water pressure or no hot water at all, noises coming from the system, or excessive dripping and water stains. Getting to the issue as early as possible is key as it may save you money in the long run.

Step 2: Cut the Power

A malfunctioning geyser can be rather dangerous; it can burst, explode, and even cause a fire in some cases. Anyone standing nearby is in harm’s way, and surrounding infrastructure and furnishings may suffer damage. The first step is to immediately switch off the geyser isolator switch. This switch can be found on the main electrical distribution board and is often labelled accordingly. If you have difficulty identifying the right switch, then it is better to turn the mains off completely while waiting for a replacement.

Step 3: Turn Off Your Water Supply

You will need to stop water from flooding into the system to curtail any further leaking or water damage. To do this, turn off the flow at the water mains. For many properties, this valve is usually near the water meter. It is always a great idea to find out where this is located before a plumbing emergency happens so that you will know what to do when a problem arises.

Step 4: Let the Hot Water Flow Out

Draining the last of the water in your water pipe reticulation system will relieve much of the pressure inside the cylinder. This will lessen the leakage and reduce the chance of more water damage. You can drain the pipes by turning on a few of the hot-water faucets in your home. It is sometimes possible that hot water from a geyser drains out of the cold-water taps too, so you can turn these on for a while as well.

Step 5: Contact a Reputable Plumbing Company

A geyser replacement, and the expertise required for an installation, can get pricey. Finding a highly qualified and affordable plumber ensures that you receive a quality installation that will last you for years. Here at Alpha Plumbing, our PIRB-qualified and -registered plumbers will handle assessments, maintenance, repairs, and replacement installations for you. For emergencies such as repairs and replacements, we offer same-day services, 24/7. There is also no need to worry about after-hour fees – we charge the same rates any time of day.

Prevention is always better than cure; if you have had your geyser for a few years and wish to assess its functioning, we can also help you. For outstanding services, phenomenal professionalism, and a dedication to only the strictest industry standards, be sure to call on us today.

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