Here’s Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore That Troublesome Sewer Blockage

If you spot signs of a sewer blockage in or around your property, it is essential that you call on a professional plumbing company like Alpha Plumbing as soon as possible. While some homeowners may ignore the problem, others pull up their sleeves and tackle it alone with store-bought chemicals or tools. Unfortunately, this is not always effective. It can cost a lot of money to invest in dangerous caustic chemicals, and these may even cause damage to the sewer system, making the issue worse. Below, we explore some of the reasons why it is vital to call on Alpha Plumbing when you are dealing with a damaged residential sewer line.

Some of the Signs of a Sewer Blockage

Unlike a slightly clogged drain that may gurgle from time to time, a sewer that is clogged up will begin to manifest in a few ways. First, you might notice that the drains throughout your home are giving you problems. They may occasionally back up or overflow, and you could also have some trouble flushing your toilet. Sometimes, persistent foul odours permeate the air when a sewer is damaged or blocked, and you might have some trouble identifying the source. If multiple drains seem blocked at the same time, or if you notice that using one drain causes another drain to back up, this is a sign of a major problem. Strange noises coming from your plumbing are another indication that something is wrong. Lastly, if you find any muddy patches or an accumulation of moisture on your property grounds, you may have a damaged pipeline.

No, It Won’t Go Away on Its Own

The biggest reason to call a plumber instead of ignoring a sewer blockage is to prevent property damage. Clogged sewers can cause water to back up into your home or garden, leading to further damage to the sewer line and your residence. Professional plumbers can assess the situation and handle sewer repairs and replacements as needed before anything else goes wrong. They also have the tools and equipment required to clear any occlusions swiftly. For the average homeowner, this heavy-duty equipment is far too expensive and not readily accessible at stores. Dealing with the issue alone is stressful, costly, and may not be successful.

Furthermore, experienced plumbers are trained to safely remove and dispose of any hazardous or toxic materials found inside the sewer. This can include human waste or rotting food and organic material. Coming into contact with this material can pose a major health risk to a homeowner who does not take the right precautions to protect themselves and the property.

We Are Always Available for Emergencies

Our teams at Alpha Plumbing are equipped to identify the cause of the sewer blockage, whether it be tree roots, a build-up of debris, or a damaged pipeline. By figuring out the underlying issue, we can solve the immediate problem, and help you prevent it from reoccurring in the future too. When it comes to new sewer repairs and replacements, we offer a five-year guarantee on our work – and we are available 24/7 for those major plumbing emergencies like a flooded house.

Need urgent assistance with a sewer blockage? Call on us now.