Are You in a Bind with a Problematic Geyser? Let Us Handle Your New Installation

A burst or malfunctioning geyser is an ordeal nobody wants on their hands. It’s one of the most important appliances within a home, and without it, life becomes much harder. Because most hot-water systems within modern homes are out of sight, people tend to forget about them and the possible signs that something is seriously wrong. To prevent your appliance from completely bursting or breaking down, however, it helps to know which warning signs to look out for, and which plumber to call when an emergency occurs and a geyser installation is required.

Why You Can’t Take on a Geyser Installation Alone

Unlike less serious plumbing issues like a slightly clogged drain or leaky faucet, a hot-water system is complex and necessitates training and experience to repair. South Africa has a so-called “geyser law” when it comes to repairs and installations because the appliance itself can become dangerous when handled incorrectly. As per the SANS 10254 safety regulations, any plumbers who fix or replace a hot-water system must be registered and certified through the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB).

We at Alpha Plumbing offer such services through a fully qualified team of professionals who are all registered and have ample experience to back it up.

When Sediment Starts Building Up

As an appliance within constant use, geysers tend to last around 10 years (when maintained correctly) or less. This lifespan comes down to the model of the product, how often it is used and maintained, and the mineral content in your water. The older a geyser becomes, the higher your chances of it bursting. As time goes by, minerals found in water can settle at the bottom of the tank, which means the water takes longer to heat up, and it may even start to prematurely age the system.

You Might Notice a Change in Your Water’s Colour

Are you noticing a reddish tint to the water that comes out of your hot-water tap? This could be because your geyser is rusting. Over time, as the system’s anti-rust layer wears down, the metal is exposed to water, leading to corrosion. Once rust appears, your tank will not last much longer, and you will need to call on a professional for a geyser installation as soon as possible.

Is Your Geyser Making Strange Noises?

Your geyser should not be making loud noises like rumbling, banging, or clanging. These sounds could be a result of sediment hardening along the floor of the tank. To heat the water through this layer, the geyser needs to use more energy which will result in excessive wear over time. If your hot water system is making noises, it’s time to call in a plumber.

Water That Won’t Heat Up or Excessive Leaking

Once an old geyser starts giving in, it will have a tough time heating your water. The system might also drip from time to time as it heats up or cools down, but if you notice excessive leaking or steam, trouble may be on its way. Rather than wait for a burst tank, call in a plumber for a geyser installation as soon as possible.

We at Alpha Plumbing can assist you with geyser installation or repair services that are quick, convenient, and affordable. To find out more, contact us here.