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5 Signs You Have a Sewer Blockage – And What to Do When it Happens

A damaged residential sewer line can have disastrous effects on your property, leading to problems with your infrastructure and even creating a health hazard for the members of your household. A sewer blockage or damaged line can be the result of the collapse of one of the pipe’s sections, root penetration, or even incorrect initial installation. It can also be a result of foreign objects and material lodged in the line that just won’t budge. As experts when it comes to both small and large jobs, we at Alpha Plumbing can assist you with a sewer blockage or any required repairs and replacements.

Below are five important signs that you may be dealing with a sewer blockage, and how to contact us for emergency services if it happens.

  • Recurring Problems with Your Drains

You might have noticed that you have been dealing with drain issues more regularly recently. If you often have to plunge your toilet or throw boiling water down your kitchen drain to unclog it, you could be dealing with a bigger issue. Once drains start backing up and overflowing, the problem has already gotten out of hand – you may be dealing with a serious sewer blockage.

  • A Sewer Smell in Or Around the Property

Sewer smells are meant to be contained within the pipeline. If you are smelling persistent foul odours, it could be an indication that the sewer system around your property is in some way compromised. It is important not to treat these odours as harmless, as a breach in the sewer line can mean that waste material and harmful bacteria are leaking out into your property.

  • Gurgling Sounds Coming from Your Drains

Gurgling sounds coming from drainage pipes are sometimes a sign of a sewer blockage. If you flush your toilet or drain water down a pipe, and you happen to hear slurping noises that sound as though air is being sucked through the system, it is best to call on a professional to inspect the matter before it turns into an expensive problem. Invasive tree roots, in particular, are a major problem as they can burrow their way into pipelines in search of moisture, eventually occluding them and blocking the flow of water.

  • Increased Moisture Around Your Home

Look for a flooded area in your yard, muddy patches, places where the grass seems to be greener than the rest of the yard, or areas where the ground has started caving in. Unfortunately, this causes damage to your property and can attract all sorts of pests to your home.

  • Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged at the Same Time

If you flush a toilet and see the shower or bath drain back up, or if you run a washing machine and notice water backing up someplace else, you’re likely dealing with a drain or sewer blockage in need of urgent attention.

While these signs may be frightening and inconvenient, you do not need to worry with professionals like Alpha Plumbing only a phone call away. We offer a five-year guarantee on new sewer repairs and replacements, so you can trust our solutions. For more information, click here.

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