Calling On Our Leak Detector Specialists Will Help You Avoid These Problems

We’ve all resorted to a quick fix for a small leak at some point in our lives. Insulation tape, a rag tightly wound around a faucet, or a bucket placed under a leaky toilet or ceiling are just some of the makeshift solutions to which homeowners often resort. While these remedies may work for a few hours or days, they are no permanent solution. Unfortunately, the nature of leaks is that they almost always get worse or cause you to lose significant amounts of water, resulting in a higher water bill that accumulates. It doesn’t just cost you money, it wastes water unnecessarily, which is already a scarce resource in many parts of South Africa. If you spot or suspect a leaky pipe within your home, getting in touch with professional plumbers, such as our team who make use of state-of-the-art leak detector technology, is the wisest choice you can make.

Unfortunately, failure to address leaks and faulty plumbing can result in several disastrous problems, which we explore below.

Neglected Leaks Can Make a Dent in Your Finances

In this economy, we all want to save money and pinch every penny as far as possible. Calling on leak detector professionals for what may seem like a minor issue is difficult, especially when a small drip from a pipe does not seem like a big deal. What many property owners don’t realise, however, is that even the smallest leak will accumulate over time. This means a higher monthly water bill and potential damage to your home that costs a lot to repair. A minor, cost-effective repair today is the best way to protect your finances.

Your Home and Valued Belongings May Face Damage

Apart from the financial cost of repairing walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings, water damage is a major inconvenience. Nobody wants to lose valuable or sentimental belongings to a problem that could have been avoided, and nobody wants to have to renovate their home for weeks or replace their entire carpet or wall just because one section is affected by damp that spreads.

You Might Start to See and Smell the Problem

The appearance of mould and mildew poses a few potential risks to one’s health, such as allergies and respiratory issues. Mould stains are also unsightly and difficult to remove, and once mildew sets in, the property will start to smell stale and musty. To avoid the unpleasant and persistent growth of mould within your home, hiring an expert leak detector plumbing company to identify any hidden issues swiftly is vital.

Your Plumbing Won’t Be as Efficient

Your property’s plumbing is interconnected, so when one section experiences a loss of water or a blockage, other areas may be affected too. When a leak occurs somewhere within your pipes, you may notice a significant drop in water pressure. Faucets will flow less freely, bathtubs take a long time to fill up, and your shower’s flow may feel weak.

An Electrical Fire is Possible

Just like plumbing, electrical wiring is hidden behind the walls of your home. It is exceptionally risky if a leak occurs near an exposed wire or electrical outlet. This could cause a short which poses no danger, but if sparks happen, you could be faced with an electrical fire in your home. Hiring leak detector professionals like Alpha Plumbing will protect your wallet, time, property, and even the lives of those in your household. To find out more about our services and how we identify leaks swiftly without any damage to your property, contact us here.