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The Major Risks Involved with a DIY Geyser Installation

A geyser installation is a difficult process that necessitates certification, expertise, and training to make sure it is done safely and correctly. Doing it on your own without the right qualifications does not just pose the risk of damaging the appliance – but it could lead to damage of property, serious injury, or even loss of life. Furthermore, improper installation can also result in the geyser malfunctioning prematurely, which will cost thousands to replace and repair. Hiring professional installers such as the qualified team at Alpha Plumbing is not only safer, but it will also save you money in the end.

Failure to Comply with Geyser Installation Regulations

In South Africa, only a PIRB-qualified and -registered plumber may carry out a geyser installation (as per SANS-10254 safety regulations). These legal regulations must be met for the longevity of the system, its safe operation, and the insurance coverage of the appliance. Do-it-yourself installations, even when taken on by an experienced individual, may not comply with these regulations 100%, which can lead to liabilities and legal issues down the road.

Getting the Wrong Size Could Cause Issues

Many people don’t know that not all geysers are the same size. The size you choose for your household comes down to the amount of hot water you need daily. Larger families require bigger geysers – and buying one that is too small will cause you to run out of hot water all the time. This may impact the appliance and even your water bills. The heating elements in a geyser must also only operate within the water, or they could be dry- fired, leading to a costly replacement.

Gas geysers and electric models are also different. When it comes to a gas geyser installation, a major risk is gas leaks if it is not installed or connected the right way. A gas leak increases the risk of a fire or explosion, or even harm to the people living in your household. A professional installer has the experience and training necessary to advise you on what kind of geyser is best suited to your needs.

Getting Injured While Installing the System

A danger associated with a DIY geyser installation is the risk of getting electrocuted. A geyser is connected to the power supply in your home, and any mishaps or accidents can result in electrical shock. A professional installer will know how the wiring and connections work, ensuring it is safe to use in the future. Poor installations can also lead to an appliance that bursts unnecessarily – exposing those in your household to scorching water and steam.

It’s not only human lives that are at risk, however. A tank that bursts or leaks excessively before anyone notices, such as in the middle of the night, can have disastrous effects on your home. Infrastructure, furniture, and valuable belongings cost thousands of rands to replace when they succumb to water damage. Professional installations mean there is a smaller chance this will happen to your property.

It is important to remember that a geyser is a complex appliance. It comes with various components that must all operate together without a hitch to ensure seamless function. Configuring these parts requires years of training, which is why it is highly recommended that you call on skilled, reputable plumbers like us at Alpha Plumbing. If you have any more questions about our hot-water system repairs or replacements, speak to us today.

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