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Fixing Burst Pipes Quickly Will Save You Money and Tons of Stress

We are happiest when our homes are hassle-free, but dealing with plumbing issues is one of the most stressful tasks for any homeowner. Burst pipes can include tiny leaks that cause problems over time, or they can suddenly flood your home and create a major crisis. It is never a matter to ignore, however, as neglecting to take action can cost you thousands of rands. Alpha Plumbing can assist you with a range of money-saving plumbing solutions, including repairing burst pipes, and we will ensure your convenience every step of the way.

Quick Repair Minimises Damage to Infrastructure

Any porous material absorbs water. What this means for homeowners is the potential for immense damage to any infrastructure that comes into contact with the water from burst or leaking pipes. The structural stability of the property’s foundation can also be affected, along with ceilings, walls, skirtings, and floors. Wood and drywall are particularly susceptible to water damage, so having your plumbing repaired quickly is important.

Save Your Furnishings as Far as Possible

Furniture and décor can sometimes be more expensive to replace than the infrastructure of the property. Burst pipes can cause water damage and mould and mildew on carpeting, rugs, curtains, artwork, and more. People may put off calling out plumbers in the hopes that faulty plumbing will repair itself, but more often than not, the issue just becomes far worse. Top-quality plumbing solutions today mean saving a lot of money over time when it comes to home renovations and replacing high-value, sentimental belongings.

Ensure Your Drinking Water Stays Safe

Burst pipes may start to rust and corrode if ignored long enough, which could give the water from your faucets a reddish-brown tint. Contaminants are then also free to enter your water reticulation network, resulting in dangerous effects on the health of those on the property who use the water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.

Get Rid of the Annoying Smell Within Your Home

Burst pipes may result in foul odours appearing around a certain area on the property. This could be a sign of leaking sewage, which gives off hydrogen sulfide and smells like rotten eggs. Not only is this odour unpleasant to live with, but the cause of it could be a major risk to the health of anyone living on the property.

Protect Your Home from Health Hazards

Along with leaking sewage, there are other risks associated with burst pipes. Firstly, mould and mildew often thrive where moisture accumulates, which can be damaging to one’s health. Stagnant water left to puddle where a pipe has burst also becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and may draw pests like mosquitoes into the home.

Save Money on Your Water Bill

Even small drips from a tap accumulate enough to waste immense amounts of water each year – and burst pipes that slowly leak out over time waste much more. While you might not immediately notice a leak like this, you could see a spike in your monthly water expenses, indicating that somewhere, water is being lost.

If you are stuck with nobody else to call when a crisis occurs, we at Alpha Plumbing can assist you with 24/7 emergency services. There is also no surcharge for plumbing repairs carried out after-hours, so you can expect normal rates around the clock. For burst pipe repairs or rerouting services (including leak detection solutions) call on us today.

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