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Need a New Geyser Installation? Ask These Questions When Seeking a Plumber

Take a second to think about how your life would change if your household had no running hot water. Most people conjure up images of cold showers or icy hands washing the dishes during winter. Hot water makes our life convenient, and maintaining this convenience is key to a household or business that runs smoothly. As with all appliances, geysers have a set lifespan, and the time will come when yours will need replacing. Hiring the right plumbers for the job means you can rest assured that the installation is handled according to the industry’s best practices.

If you are currently looking for a plumbing company to assist you with a geyser installation, below is a look at some essential questions to first ask.

“What Can I Expect from the Service?”

Many homeowners needing assistance with a geyser repair are hesitant to contact a new plumbing company. Not knowing what to expect is part of the issue. When speaking to a new company, ask them about their solutions, who precisely is assigned to your home, and what they will be doing when they arrive.

“How Soon Will I Receive Assistance?”

Sometimes a new installation cannot wait – especially in the case of a burst or malfunctioning geyser. This is a dangerous situation that can lead to damage in your home, injury, and even loss of life if not handled swiftly. You will need emergency assistance from a trusted plumbing company as soon as possible.

“Will I Need to Pay More for Services Rendered After Hours?”

In the case of the emergencies mentioned above, you may have to contact a company that offers 24/7 services, but you risk paying higher rates for work done after business hours. To avoid hidden, surprise costs, ask about surcharge rates you might be expected to pay.

“What Components Are Used for the Installation?”

Clients who make the mistake of hiring less-than-reputable plumbers to handle their geyser installation may find that the components used in the installation are of poor quality. This may be cheaper but will cost more in the long run as the system will not last long and require replacement sooner.

“Is the Plumbing Team Experienced and Qualified?”

Unlike those DIY solutions to fix a leaky faucet, repairing and replacing geysers are complex and require training and specialist knowledge. In South Africa, the law also requires that plumbers who fix and install geysers must be registered with PIRB. Before hiring a plumber, ask about their experience and whether they are qualified to perform the service.

The Alpha Plumbing Difference

With Alpha Plumbing, you need not worry about high-quality, affordable services; we have you covered. With us, you can expect:

  • Professional, friendly assistance from our teams who are always willing to go the extra mile.
  • Same-day assistance – and we are on 24/7 standby for any geyser emergencies.
  • No surcharge for emergency work carried out after hours, and standard rates apply around the clock.
  • A commitment to only use SABS-approved parts for all our geyser repair and installation services, which means certified quality that performs well for years to come.
  • A phenomenal track record that includes over thirty years of outstanding services and plumbing solutions. Our plumbers are also all PIRB-qualified and -registered.

For the ultimate convenience and guaranteed customer satisfaction, be sure to call on us today at 010 001 8364.

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