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Modern plumbing systems have completely transformed the way humans today live. These water reticulation networks are commonplace in infrastructure development now. They are the reason for easier access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and a reduction in the spread of disease. Of course, plumbing is not without its own problems. Property owners must manage this system and when issues like leaking pipes occur, leak detector specialists must be hired to sort it out effectively. Thankfully, we at Alpha Plumbing utilise advanced technology and industry-leading techniques to ensure those annoying leaks within your home are a thing of the past.

The Various Causes of Leaking Pipes Around the Home

Leaks will usually be more common in older homes with pipes that have received wear and tear over the years. Even new properties, however, can face this issue through no fault of the owner whatsoever. There are several common causes of leaking pipes, such as:

  • High water pressure over long periods exceeding what your pipes can handle.
  • Broken seals around water connectors, like those on your refrigerator or dishwasher.
  • Pipe joints which are also vulnerable to breaking and may result in leaks.
  • Corrosion, especially in older plumbing systems. Rusting pipes are also detrimental to the quality of your drinking water, so sorting this out quickly is important.
  • Rapid changes in temperatures cause pipes to expand and contract too quickly, causing them to crack.
  • Blockages that place strain on the pipes due to excess water pressure, causing leaking and bursting.
  • Underground root systems from plants like trees which can burrow into pipes in search of moisture, or they may put pressure on the pipes in compacted soil.

With the right leak detector technology, these issues can be swiftly identified and remedied.

What To Do if You Spot the Signs of a Leak

It can be tricky to know for sure if you are dealing with a leak, but there are some signs that this may be the problem you are facing. Usually, rising damp on the walls, the growth of mould and mildew, a higher water bill and lower water pressure, and sounds coming from your pipes are all indicators of leaking.

In the event that you spot any of these problems, first switch off your water mains. If the leak was visible and there is water anywhere, clean it up and remove furnishings from the area like furniture or rugs. Next, call on trusted professionals such as the Alpha Plumbing team to come out and assist with leak detector technology. A leaking pipe becomes hard to spot when it is hidden behind a wall, above the ceiling, under the floors, or outside the property. Hiring a leak detector specialist is essential in pinpointing the exact location of the issue.

We Find Leaks Without Damaging Your Property

Leak detector technology has come a long way in recent times. Plumbing experts no longer need to dig up huge portions of a backyard to find small leaks. Alpha Plumbing makes use of phenomenal technology such as:

  • Hydrogen and nitrogen gas injection equipment
  • Thermal imaging
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Ground microphones
  • Fluorescent dye

This technology can be used anywhere on a property, whether indoors, outdoors, or even in one’s pool. To learn more about our rates and services, speak to our professional team today.

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