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Drainage and Subsoil Drains

Stormwater and Groundwater Drainage Solutions

Every property is required to have a drainage system to ensure that stormwater can drain away after rainfall. In most cases, such a system would take advantage of natural slopes to optimise water draining. If you have noticed a wet, muddy, or marshy patch of soil on your property, chances are good that you are dealing with drainage system problems. There’s a number of causes that could lead to drainage problems which is why it’s beneficial to contact professional plumbers to advise you on the appropriate solution.

Groundwater is a term that refers to water that is in and underneath the ground, also commonly used to describe natural underground sources such as aquifers. Stormwater is absorbed by soil, which is how underground aquifers are refilled with water. However, the water that remains in the soil must be drained accordingly to ensure that the ground surface stays stable and dry. Therefore, properties would commonly feature subsoil drains to drain the water within the surrounding soil. These drains are also commonly used next to public roads, assisting in stormwater and groundwater drainage to ensure that the road is not structurally damaged during heavy rainstorms.

Dealing with Subsoil Drainage

A subsoil drain consists of a perforated pipe that is laid below the surface of the ground and surrounded with a geotextile material to keep soil out of the pipe. The pipe allows subsurface water to be drained efficiently, avoiding any possible structural water damage. These types of drains are also used for soil draining on farms, attesting to their efficiency to drain water that would otherwise create a stagnant body of water on the surface. If you notice such a wet or muddy patch of soil in your property, your subsoil drain might be experiencing some problems.

Water damage is one of the most common causes of structural damage, which is why properly functional subsurface drainage is important. Drainage problems can be caused by a high groundwater table, incorrect ground falls, or a damaged drainage system. No matter the cause of the problem, we offer professional and qualified plumbers, along with our resident engineer, to come up with a suitable solution for your premises. We also offer peace of mind with our 10-year guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction and quality plumbing services.

Our plumbers are registered with IOPSA and PIRB to ensure that they deliver top-quality workmanship on your premises. We have been in business for more than 30 years, giving you the peace of mind that we have vast experience and expertise in dealing with plumbing-related issues such as stormwater and groundwater drainage. Therefore, we give you a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship, ensuring that you are satisfied with our solutions. On top of that, we offer our plumbing services around the clock, giving you a 24/7 solution.

Alpha Plumbing is your first choice in plumbing solutions in Johannesburg. No matter the time of day, you can contact us when you need a professional plumber. We strive to deliver same-day services to our clients, ensuring that you get top-shelf quality service when choosing us. If you have noticed a patch of muddy and wet soil on your property, it might be related to drainage issues. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.

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