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DIY Tips for Blocked Drains

DIY Tips for Blocked Drains

Drain blockages are some of the more common problems regarding our plumbing systems at home. When dealing with a blocked drain, there are a couple of products and DIY solutions that could assist in clearing out small and responsive blockages. However, when used incorrectly, you might cause more damage than good. Therefore, it is important to know how to approach a blocked drain and how to accurately determine the problem as opposed to assuming anything.

Using Force

Plungers are particularly useful to clear drain blockages by utilising the power of force to create a vacuum within the system. The motion of the plunger creates a push-pull force within the drain to loosen minor blockages. This is especially useful when dealing with solids that block the drain. However, it is not highly effective when dealing with grease, fat, and other mineral blockages. Therefore, it is commonly used for clearing basin and shower traps.

Utilising Boiled Water

When dealing with a kitchen sink or washroom drain, pouring a pot of boiled water down the drain can assist to loosen or dissolve a blockage without having to resort to dangerous chemicals. However, boiled water should only be used for ceramic and metallic pipes, as the heat can cause damage to PVC joints. If you are dealing with plastic pipes, let the water cool off for a bit before pouring.

Considering Chemicals

When dealing with a slightly more demanding drain blockage, chemicals can work to dissolve the blockage, but can be dangerous to use. One of the more commonly used home-brewed concoctions is a combination of baking soda and white vinegar, where the soda is poured into the drain first and followed by the vinegar. At this point, the drain is covered to ensure that the chemical reaction does not boil over. This process can be repeated as well, requiring the pipes to be flushed afterwards to be rid of the remaining residue.

Chemical drain cleaners are available for purchase at most supermarkets and hardware stores. Drain acid is dangerous and should be used with extreme caution. Chemicals are also dangerous for the environment, which is why it should be used sparingly. When you use drain acid to clear a blockage, it is pivotal to take extreme care when pouring it down the drain, ensuring that the acid does not touch any other surface. Use gloves for your hands and keep a safe distance to avoid any acid from coming into contact with your skin. Once the blockage is taken care of, flush your drain to ensure that the drain acid is properly flushed through the system.

When dealing with root penetration, we advise that you contact a specialist to solve such a problem, as DIY tricks and remedies will not provide a feasible solution. Alpha Plumbing is your plumbing specialists, unblocking drains using state-of-the-art Rotary Drain Clearing technology. So confident are we in the efficacy and meticulousness of our blocked drain service that we offer guarantees unmatched by any other plumber in greater Johannesburg and Pretoria (1 month unconditional guarantee and 3 months if the cause of blockage was roots). Alpha Plumbing boasts certified plumbers with ample expertise and experience to take care of your plumbing issues. We offer 24-hour plumbing services to ensure that your needs are met in fashionable time. Whether it is blocked drains, burst pipes, or any other plumbing issue, you can rest assured that we have a solution for you. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.


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