Leak Detection Methods

Leak Detection Methods

There are many different ways to detect a leak in the plumbing system at your home. Leaks can occur because of burst pipes, which are common throughout the Winter months. Sometimes, there are clear indications that you are dealing with a burst pipe. A decrease in water pressure, or damp and cracked walls, are both indicative signs that you might be dealing with a leak. However, it can be difficult to locate such a leak without a clear visual indication. Therefore, we utilise several feasible leak detection methods to ensure that we can find and fix them effectively.

Visual Leak Detection Methods

When searching for a leak within a closed pressure system, several visual methods have been developed to locate such a leak. Thermal imaging is based on heat signatures being given off by surfaces. This technique can be used to detect a leak by running hot water through the piping system and observing the thermal images to find a spot where the hot water is leaking. An electronic moisture meter works in a similar fashion, picking up moisture as opposed to heat to pinpoint and expose a leak.

Auditory Leak Detection Methods

When dealing with a leak, it is quite common for your pipes to hiss when operating the taps that are connected to the leaking pipe system. This hissing noise occurs because of the pressure changes in the pipes when opening and closing a tap, indicating that there is a potential leak. An ultrasonic water leak sensor is commonly used to detect subterranean leaks and can also be viable to detect a leak in your walls. This device passes an ultrasonic signal along the pipe, utilising the resonance of the iron to ring out through the system. The results will clearly indicate where the signal was interfered, identifying the location of the leak in the system.

Other Leak Detection Methods

When pressure-testing a high-pressure container or piping system, one of the most common ways is to fill such a container or system with a brightly coloured fluorescent dye liquid or gas injection and take it up to its intended pressure levels. If there is a leak, the liquid or gas will immediately be visible, identifying the problematic area. In the case where a leak is too small to be detected by using visual or auditory methods, gas injection becomes a feasible solution. We utilise hydrogen and nitrogen gas injection equipment that can accurately locate small leaks and cracks in piping systems in your home. Also referred to as tracer gas, this method is tried and tested as the most effective way to locate leaks and cracks for high-pressure containers and pipe systems.

We also utilise pipe locators, ground microphones, and metal-detecting scanners as a means of comprehensive leak detection methods when you find yourself dealing with a leak in your home. Alpha Plumbing offers 24-hour plumbing solutions in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Therefore, you will always have someone to call when you suddenly need a plumber. We offer PIRB-certified plumbers with ample experience and expertise to assist you with your plumbing issues. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.

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