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Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes and Lagging

Buildings that have running water will have installed water pipes in the floors and walls of the building to transport the water within the building via a pressurised piping system. Geysers are commonly used in households to store and heat water, delivering hot water on demand. When dealing with a pressure system, it is likely that leaks can occur, especially throughout frequent temperature fluctuations, which is the case throughout Winter. At night, the pipes tend to cool off more than usual, as the ambient temperature falls lower than in Summer. During the day, they are heated up once hot water is forced through them, causing thermal expansion. This process can cause burst pipes.

How Do I Notice a Burst Pipe?

The water pressure in your household is a good indicator to determine if something might be wrong with your pipes or your supply. If the water pressure is noticeably lower than usual, it can indicate that there is a leak. Since these pipes are embedded into the walls and floors of your house, you can identify if a body of water is building up in a specific area, which would indicate where the leak is. Some pipes are also run through the roof of a house, which is where the geysers are commonly installed as well. If you notice your ceiling getting heavy, it could be due to a leak in the roof, or a burst geyser.

If you want to test if you have a leak, you can monitor your municipal water meter at your premises. First, ensure that nobody opens any taps over a specified period. Take your current meter reading before-hand so that you can compare your meter reading after the specified period of nobody opening any taps. If your meter reading has gone up during this time, chances are good that you might be dealing with a burst pipe. Not to worry, because this is where Alpha Plumbing can be of service.

Pipe Lagging

Pipe lagging is a specific type of insulation for water pipes that are exposed to the natural elements, referring to the exterior pipes of your house. These pipes are more susceptible to bursts, which is why pipe lagging is such an effective way to protect them. This insulation process will add a protective layer to the pipes. This protective layer will control the temperature of the pipes while water flows through them, ensuring that thermal expansion or retraction does not cause any structural damage to the pipes. Therefore, they will be much less likely to burst while saving energy and avoiding any heat loss due to exposure to colder ambient temperatures.

Burst pipes are common throughout Winter. If you need a solution to a burst pipe in your home, Alpha Plumbing is your first choice. We are available any time of the day, any day of the week, serving the Johannesburg area. Therefore, if you notice a burst pipe and need professional plumbers, we have you covered. Our plumbers are registered with IOPSA and PIRB, giving you the peace of mind that we can take care of your problem. For more information on how we can be of service, please browse our website for all your plumbing needs.

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