Professional CCTV-Assisted Drain Inspections

Are you tired and fed up with dealing with blocked drains and cannot seem to resolve the issue, no matter the products, time, or effort you put into fixing the problem? Alpha Plumbing offers a solution! Our CCTV-assisted drain inspection method is a non-invasive way to fully inspect your pipelines for issues that could cause recurring blocked drains. It also allows us to follow the pipeline from the inside, avoiding any unnecessary excavations that could lead to potential property damage. Here is how this method can save you time and money while getting to the root of the problem.

How Can a CCTV Camera Assist in Detecting a Plumbing Issue?

A CCTV drain inspection utilises a flexible rod that is attached to a camera, allowing the camera to follow the interior pipeline. The camera sends the feed back to an LCD monitor, giving us a direct and accurate representation of what is happening inside the pipeline. Therefore, we can establish where the problem is occurring and how to approach a solution. It also allows us to accurately follow the pipeline, as the majority of plumbing pipes are commonly hidden from plain sight. As a result, the problem can be addressed and solved without any unnecessary costs or excavations.

What About Sewer Inspections?

CCTV-assisted inspections can also be useful for blocked sewers since sewers can be tricky to inspect from an exterior point of view. Therefore, if a sewer is blocked by a tree root, the CCTV camera can pick it up by following the interior piping to where the problem is occurring. We can also share the camera footage with our clients via email or USB device. This will give you the opportunity to confirm the assessment of the current problems and the proposed solutions to give you the peace of mind that Alpha Plumbing’s comprehensive services can provide.

Our Expertise and Experience

Alpha Plumbing employs certified plumbers and technicians with extensive experience dealing with drain blocks and inspections. We operate in the larger Johannesburg and Pretoria areas and our customers can testify to our diligence when it comes to drain and sewer inspections. With the assistance of a CCTV camera that can follow the interior pipeline to accurately detect where the problem is occurring, you can rest assured that we can come up with a solution when you are dealing with recurring drain or sewer blocks.

Other Plumbing-Related Services

Alpha Plumbing can assist with almost anything regarding the plumbing on your property. Throughout the heavy rainfall season, stormwater drainage can become a problem for properties that are geographically too close to the groundwater levels or have incorrect drainage system slopes. Both can cause muddy and swampy areas to form on the ground surface, as can burst pipes that are located underground. If you experience any of these issues and live in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas, Alpha Plumbing can be your answer.

We are available around the clock, 7 days a week, to ensure that we are there when you need us the most. Nobody can predict when your plumbing will spring a leak, or a pipe gets blocked. However, with our handy CCTV camera drain inspections, we can find and address such a problem as efficiently as possible. For more info on how we can assist, feel free to contact us today.