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Sewer pipe repairs and installations

Professional Sewer Repairs and Installations

Are you dealing with a sewer-related problem on your property? A blocked sewer can cause several problems that include foul stenches and muddy ground patches, which can become a nightmare when not handled properly. Luckily, Alpha Plumbing is your answer! We operate in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas and can assist in professional and guaranteed sewer pipe repairs and installations to ensure that your sewers are fully operational and do not cause any further problems in the near future.

What Could Cause Sewer Problems?

Sewer pipe damage can be caused by several factors which are difficult to determine from the ground surface. We utilise CCTV drain cameras to gain access to the interior piping, attached to a flexible rod that allows the camera to follow the pipeline. The camera feed is sent to an LCD monitor that is used to identify the issue and the location of the damage. Most commonly, sewer damage is caused by tree roots penetrating the piping.

Sewer Pipe Replacement and Installation

In some cases, the problems are such that they require a section of the sewer to be replaced to get the system repaired and the problem addressed. Older properties might experience a collapse of a section of the sewer pipe because of old-fashioned pipes that are still in use. Massive root penetration can also necessitate the complete replacement of the particular section of the sewer. It is also important to take the slope of the sewer into account, as incorrectly sloped installations can cause drainage problems. With Alpha Plumbing on your side, we can accurately determine the cause of the sewer pipe damage and give you a solution.

Burst Underground Plumbing Pipes

If a sewer or drainpipe springs a leak, it can cause property damage and swampy patches of ground on your property. If you are dealing with a drain blocking continually or a defective sewer drain, you can expect a foul smell around the affected area. Alpha Plumbing offers certified plumbers and technicians that can deal with such a problem, utilising CCTV drain and sewer inspection methods to avoid any unnecessary excavation and address the problem at its root. Therefore, you can trust that we can offer cost-effective solutions when it comes to sewer pipe repairs and installations.

Other Drainage Problems

During the season of heavy rainfall, stormwater drainage can also become a problem for properties that have drains with incorrect slopes or where pipes are under-sized. We can assist with stormwater drainage problems, ensuring that your property can adequately deal with heavy rainfall and avoid any property damage. We can also assist with high pressure water-jetting equipment when dealing with an industrial underground pipe block. This technique utilises a flexible rod that jets water at high levels of pressure to penetrate an interior block and flush out the unwanted debris.

If you are faced with a sewer-related issue, Alpha Plumbing offers comprehensive services to assist you regarding repairs and installations. We can also assist with burst pipes and high pressure water-jetting solutions. For more info on how we can help you, please browse our website for details. Contact us at any time when you need professional plumbing solutions!

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