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Sewer Pipe Repairs and Installations

Sewer Repairs and Installations in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Are you looking for a solution to sewer damage? Alpha Plumbing offers sewer pipe repairs and replacement services to take care of damaged or incorrectly installed sewer pipes. If you are dealing with consistent drain blocks, bad odours on your property, or muddy patches, you might require a sewer pipe repair, correction, or replacement. However, these pipes are mostly located out of sight and underground, making it difficult to accurately locate the problematic area, let alone assess the problem correctly and coming up with a cost-effective solution. Luckily, we have an answer for that.

Utilising CCTV Camera Drain Inspections

We utilise CCTV camera drain inspections when dealing with sewer pipe repairs, inserting a camera that is attached to a flexible rod directly into the sewer pipe. This camera will follow the pipeline with an interior point of view to allow us an accurate assessment of the interior piping. The camera sends a live feed to us that is displayed on an LCD monitor as it follows the interior pipeline to locate the problem. Once the camera reaches the problematic area, we can make a comprehensive assessment to fix the problem.

What Could Cause Sewer Damage?

Sewer damage can cause muddy areas on your property that give off bad odours. Incorrectly installed sewer pipes can cause consistent drain blocks as a result of incorrect gradient alignment. In such a case, the pipe gradients must be reset to allow the water to drain more efficiently. In the case of a sewer pipe collapse, the sewage will simply be pumping into the surrounding area, causing a muddy patch that gives off a foul stench. Tree roots can also penetrate the piping structure, causing pipes to crack and have similar effects on the patch of ground around it.

Coming Up with a Cost-Effective Solution

When it comes to sewer pipe repairs, replacements, and installations, there will always be some extent of excavation involved to physically reach the underground pipeline. With the assistance of our CCTV camera drain inspection, we can accurately locate the source of the problem and assess the best course of action in accordance with the severity of the problem. Therefore, we can offer the most cost-effective solution to address your sewer damage and fix the problem at hand.

If you live in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area and require assistance with sewer pipe repair, replacement, or installation, Alpha Plumbing is your first choice. We are available around the clock, 7 days a week, to give you the peace of mind that we are there when you need our services. For more information on how we can address and fix your sewer pipes, please browse our website for details.

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