Taking Drain Inspection to New Levels of Efficiency

When you are dealing with consistent blocks in your drain or sewer line, we offer drain camera inspection solutions for an accurate approach to determining the nature of the problem and where the origin of the problem lies. As a result, you do not have to be concerned about unnecessary excavations on your property, since we can pinpoint both the precise position and the nature of the repairs that are required.

Utilising a Drain Camera

Drain camera inspections utilise a CCTV camera that is mounted onto a flex rod and inserted into the drainpipe itself. The camera sends a feed to a display monitor, giving us eyes on the interior of the pipeline. The flex rod allows the camera to follow the pipeline until it hits the blocked or damaged section that is causing the problem. At this point, we can accurately assess the nature of the problem and come up with the most cost-efficient solution to address it. Therefore, there is no need for extensive excavations to establish both the exact position and the nature of the problem.

Accurately Identifying the Problem

There are several factors that could cause a drain block, leak, or structural damage to the pipeline. By having a point of view of the interior pipeline, a drain camera inspection will not only allow us to determine the exact location of the problem, but also identify the cause of the problem accurately.

Fixing a Blocked or Damaged Drain

During high-pressure drain jetting, we make use of a flex rod that is inserted directly into a blocked drain, firing high-pressure water into the pipeline to clear organic material blocks. This method is also useful to flush a pipeline and clear it from any interior debris or build-up.

In the case of a damaged pipeline, we can assist with sewer pipe repairs and installations to address the problem. In some cases, a sewer may be installed at an incorrect gradient, causing drainage issues for the connected pipelines. The gradient can also be determined by utilising our drain inspection camera. The most common cause of structural damage to pipelines is tree roots that penetrate the pipeline over time.

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