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Sewer Pipe Repairs and Installations

Your Answer for Sewer Pipe Repairs

Sewer pipe damage, as well as incorrect sewer gradient alignments, can cause recurring drain blocks or muddy patches on your property, which in turn can result in property damage. Fortunately, if you live in Johannesburg or Pretoria, Alpha Plumbing is your answer when dealing with sewer pipe problems!

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Sewer pipes are commonly located underground and out of sight, making it exceedingly difficult to determine the section of pipeline that is damaged without any excavations. If a section of your sewer pipe is damaged or the sewer pipe has collapsed, it may result in sewage leaking into the surrounding soil, causing a muddy patch on your property. At Alpha Plumbing, we have a solution to your sewer pipe problems: with CCTV Drain Camera Technology we can accurately determine the nature of the damage to the sewer pipe as well as the exact location of the damaged section. This allows us to formulate the most cost-effective solution by avoiding any unnecessary excavations and/or property damage.

Following the Sewer Pipe without Excavating

By utilising a drain camera that is attached to a flex rod, we can follow your sewer pipeline from the inside as opposed to excavating the pipeline to find the damaged section. The flex rod allows the drain camera to follow bends in the pipeline, transmitting a video feed of the interior pipeline wall. Once the drain camera reaches the problematic location, we can locate the position and depth of the camera to access the damaged section and determine the cause of the damage.

Incorrect Sewer Installations

Sometimes, a sewer pipeline lacks the sufficient downward gradient to allow sewage to properly drain from the property and the drains. Such a problem can cause recurring drain blocks. This problem can be repaired by adjusting the gradient alignment of the sewer pipeline to promote faster drainage. On a new property, we can also install sewer pipes in accordance with the correct specifications, ensuring that the gradient alignment will never be an issue in the future.

A Trustworthy and Cost-Effective Solution for Sewers

Sewer pipe repairs and installations can be extensive and cause property damage as a result of excavations to reach the faulty underground pipeline section. With our knowledge and experience, you can trust that Alpha Plumbing will limit the necessary excavations by accurately pinpointing the location of the damaged section and coming up with the best solution for the problem at hand. We can also assist with tree roots blocking a sewer, or jet-blasting solutions to clear the interior pipeline from a stubborn organic material block.

Alpha Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering Johannesburg and Pretoria. Therefore, if you face any plumbing issues, you can trust that we will be there in your time of need. Whether it is sewer pipe repairs and installations, blocked drains, or geysers, we are the answer to all your plumbing needs.

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