Let Us Make Quick Work of Those Troublesome Blocked Drains

Few things are as unpleasant as blocked drains. A toilet that will not flush, for example, is not just embarrassing, but an inconvenience that may quickly turn into a health hazard. Thankfully, blocked drains are not an uncommon issue, and the right professional help will have no trouble assisting you with the problem. At Alpha Plumbing, not only do we specialise in unclogging drains, but we do so at an affordable rate in no time at all.

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

While still a minor issue, a clogged drain will simply cause slow water drainage. It can swiftly become a larger concern, however, such as a sewage backup or flooding. Preventing such clogging in the first place is ideal and knowing what the common causes of blocked drains are can help. The following are some reasons your plumbing might be facing a blockage:

  • Grease and fat: Fatty substances from cooking, such as oil or grease, can solidify at certain temperatures and attach to the inside of your pipes, gradually accumulating and clogging them over time.
  • Soap: Soap scum and even soap made with fat can leave behind residue that blocks a drain.
  • Mineral deposits: Mineral deposits from hard water can build up over time and clog your pipes.
  • Hair: Humans lose a lot of hair, often while showering or bathing. Unfortunately, hair and even animal fur can bind with grease and knot up in a drain, which easily clogs it up.
  • Toiletries: Baby wipes and nappies, feminine hygiene products, and toiletries such as cotton swabs are not meant to be flushed down the toilet as they can lead to major clogging.
  • Foreign objects: Food, dirt, or any items that accidentally fall into a drain can lead to a blockage.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots are drawn to water sources, and once root penetration of a pipe occurs, it can grow to the point that it obstructs the flow of water.

Never Ignore These Warning Signs

While one can take preventative measures to minimise the risk of a blocked drain, it is not always something within one’s control. Paying attention to a few signs, however, might let you know if you are in need of professional assistance.

Water that drains slowly (or does not drain at all) down a sink is a common first sign. Water that rises higher in your toilet bowl when you flush is also a warning sign that the water is taking a long time to move through the pipes. Sometimes a plunger can be used to dislodge any obstruction, but if the issue persists, you might need to employ a plumbing service. Pay attention to odours that come from your drains and gurgling sounds within your pipes as well.

How We Can Assist You

With a friendly team of professional drain cleaners, we at Alpha Plumbing will promptly unclog your drain at a flat rate – which means no unexpected hourly charges and no call-out fee. By utilising state-of-the-art electronic rotary drain-cleaning equipment, we tackle everything from root penetration to waste build-up. We also offer clients a 30-day unconditional guarantee on standard blocked drains. For tree root obstructions, we offer a three-month guarantee that the same issue will not happen again.

For superb, same-day services, unparalleled expertise, and a passion for all that we do, feel free to contact us here.