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Leak Detection Technology

Why Early and Accurate Leak Detection Is So Important

The development of modern plumbing systems has changed the way we live. It has revolutionised sanitation, leading to the reduction of diseases and an increase in life expectancy. It has made life so much more convenient. Yet, it has also introduced new risks into our households. Water pipes run through the walls, ceilings, and floors of our houses. Early leak detection is important, because if these pipes were to burst – and they do – the water can cause serious damage.

Water has a way of getting everywhere, so it can be very difficult to clean up completely. It can ruin carpets, wooden floors, and furniture in no time. It can ruin paint jobs over time, cause ceilings to collapse, and even weaken walls, thus the structure of the actual house. On top of the damage, repairs can also be very costly, which can wipe out your savings. This is why early leak detection is so vital. So, how do you avoid this happening to you?

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Do you suspect a problem with the plumbing in your house? These signs can indicate the presence of a leak or help with the detection of one:

  • Creeping damp on the walls – If you notice a damp patch growing on a wall over time, it could be an indication of a leaking pipe in that area.
  • An audible hissing sound from your pipes – This is the actual sound of water escaping. If you can hear it, it is a pretty clear indication that you have a leak on your water reticulation.
  • A higher than normal water bill – If your water bill is suddenly much higher without a reason or without you having changed your living habits, it could be an indication that you are losing water somewhere.
  • Low water pressure – If the water pressure in your taps is suddenly much lower, it could also be a sign that water is escaping somewhere along the pipe.

You can also do your own leak detection test by turning off all taps and water outlets in your house and read the water meter. Leave all the taps off for at least an hour – make sure that nothing in your house uses water during the time. Check the meter again after an hour. If the reading has changed, it could be an indication of a leak.

What to Do When You Suspect a Leak

Possible detection is just the first step. What do you do next in this situation?

Firstly, turn off the water mains to prevent any further water loss and potential damage. Secondly, call an experienced plumber who has the necessary equipment for leak detection, like Alpha Plumbers. Our team will come out to your house to find the exact source of the problem and repair it. We make use of advanced leak-detection technology and techniques, such as metal-detecting scanners, ground microphones, gas injectors with ultrasonic capabilities, and heat-detecting cameras, to find the source and block it with minimal disruption and without causing further damage to your property.

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