Our Leak Detector Technology Ensures Quality, Rapid Results

Burst or leaking pipes become obvious in the home when there is visible water damage on walls, floors, and furnishings. Other signs include rising damp, the formation of mould and mildew, and a drop in water pressure. Sometimes, all that one notices is a sudden spike in that monthly water bill. While it is apparent that a fault in the plumbing exists, it is not always possible to pinpoint it without the help of a professional detector. We at Alpha Plumbing make use of advanced detection methods to accurately identify a leaking pipe and solve the issue without delay.

Hydrogen and Nitrogen Gas Injections

Using a hydrogen and nitrogen tracer gas to source any leaks in one’s plumbing is a popular and safe detection method that many plumbers prefer. It is not just effective and fast but ensures that nothing harmful enters one’s water reticulation system. Non-toxic and safe for the environment, the tracer gas is made up of small molecules that make their way quickly through the plumbing system where it will escape out of even the smallest of leaks in hard-to-reach places. It then makes its way to the surface where gas detection equipment will pick it up and identify the leak.

Thermal Imaging Detection

Moisture build-up is difficult to spot in a building, and thermal imaging cameras are an ideal leak detector solution. While the thermal cameras won’t be able to see through walls and detect moisture, they can reveal changes in temperature caused by a leaking or burst pipe. Heat signatures given off by certain surfaces in a specific pattern will alert the plumber there may be an issue.

Ultrasonic Water Leak Sensors

A leaky pipe produces a high-frequency sound due to the pressure changes in the pipe. While it is common to hear hissing or other noises coming from faulty plumbing, an ultrasonic leak detector uses a receiver that can pick up even faint sounds outside of human hearing range to locate the escaping flow.

Electronic Moisture Meters

Electronic moisture-reading devices read electrical resistance to help spot unseen leaks in buildings. Because the addition of water to an area or material increases its electrical conductivity, moisture content can be evaluated by projecting an electrical field through this space. The moisture readings are then interpreted by a leak detection specialist who will identify where the issue lies.

Ground Microphones

Ground microphones are a type of acoustic leak detector. They pick up and enhance the sounds that underground leaks make and enable professionals to figure out where the problem is. Ground microphones are so powerful that they can detect leaks under roads and sidewalks. Identifying the exact location of a damaged pipe means that one does not need to excavate a large area to fix the leak.

Fluorescent Dye Detection

Identifying water loss in a pool can be tricky, and fluorescent dye is often used by specialists to locate small cracks or fissures. This dye is usually added to the water near a suspected crack, and if a small fracture is present, it will draw the dye in, which makes the crack easier to see and remedy. Water loss prevention strategies are our speciality here at Alpha Plumbing. State-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology enable us to bring you superb leak detector solutions at competitive rates. If you would like to find out more, call on us at 010 001 8364 today.