We’ll Take Care of Your Geyser Replacement and Maintenance Needs

Household geysers are used daily in modern homes. Most families use them for washing dishes and laundry loads, as well as enjoying baths and showers. On-demand hot water has become more than a luxury – it is a necessity for busy residences. Like any appliance, geysers have a set lifetime which can be shortened significantly if they are not cared for correctly. At Alpha Plumbing, our emergency geyser replacement services are available 24/7, and we will also assist you with maintaining and servicing your hot-water tank.

How Geysers Work

To understand what it takes to properly maintain a geyser, one must first learn how they operate. Geysers consist of a main storage tank and have two pipes – one for cold water coming in, and one which lets out hot water after it is heated. Inside of the storage tank are heating elements, which only reach a certain temperature thanks to precise thermostat control. Through conduction, the heating elements gradually make the water warmer and keep it at the right temperature to ensure an on-demand flow. Periodic geyser inspections, maintenance, and even a replacement when required should prevent any major issues with your system.

Protect Your Home from Damage and Danger

A hot-water system that is malfunctioning, at best, will leave you with low water pressure or no hot water at all. There are more serious scenarios that can occur, however, and an emergency plumber will need to be called to rescue the situation. It is imperative that you act quickly if your hot-water system seems to be faulty. The first step is to turn off the geyser isolator switch on your electrical distribution board. The water supply should also be turned off at the water mains. You then want to relieve any excess pressure in the tank by turning on a hot-water faucet and letting it flow freely for a few minutes. Lastly, get in touch with a reputable geyser replacement specialist, such as our professionals at Alpha Plumbing.

Why Maintaining Geysers Is Important

Because geysers are often installed inside a special cupboard or the ceiling, they are out of sight and out of mind for many homeowners. Regular inspections and upkeep are therefore neglected, and spotting a problem usually happens too late. Remembering to keep your hot-water system in tip-top shape will:

  • Increase the efficiency of the heating system. A build-up of calcium and other minerals in sediment at the bottom of the tank, for example, will hamper efficiency. This means the heating elements must work harder to make the water hot, which in turn uses more energy.
  • Save you money because a well-maintained geyser requires less energy, which lessens your monthly electricity bill. You will also increase the longevity of the tank and its components, and a replacement won’t be needed as soon.
  • Maintain full capacity of the tank because the space inside the tank is not taken up by any built-up sediment.
  • Ensure safety in your home. A regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of your geyser when needed will prevent leaks and even dangerous explosions.

For PIRB-qualified and -registered plumbers who are available any time of day or night for an emergency geyser replacement or repairs, call on us. We offer same-day services without the after-hours charge.