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How to Handle a Burst Geyser Quickly and Minimise Damage to Your Home

With the chilly season well underway, households are relying on their kettles, heaters, and electric blankets to keep them warm. A burst geyser is troublesome any time of the year, but it is particularly inconvenient during winter. The speed with which you act to resolve the issue will not only save you the cost of repairing extensive damages, but it may even be life-saving. Malfunctioning geysers are dangerous to both your infrastructure and those living within your household, which is why we at Alpha Plumbing consider it an emergency.

Our 24/7 emergency services are available for any geyser crisis, and we offer same-day solutions with no after-hours surcharge. In the event of a hot-water system that seems faulty, there are a few, crucial steps to follow.

Don’t Hesitate or Procrastinate

When it comes to a burst geyser, time is your friend. Hot water that leaks or spurts out of the system can cause serious damage to walls, floors, and furnishings. The longer this water is left to pool, the worse the damage becomes. Acting at the first sign of trouble may save you thousands of rands. Low water pressure, water or moisture stains on infrastructure around the geyser, or strange sounds coming from the system all warrant an inspection.

Turn Off the Power Supply

You don’t want the tank getting any hotter if it malfunctions because it can burst or explode – and in some cases start a fire. To cut its power source, go to your main electrical distribution board and turn off the geyser switch. This switch is usually labelled, but if you cannot find it, it is better to turn off all the power at the main circuit breaker.

Shut Your Water Off Too

With the power off, it won’t get any hotter, but water will still be flooding into the tank. To stop this flow, you will need to turn off the water supply at the water mains. This is a valve that is sometimes located near the water meter but finding it before a plumbing emergency occurs is wise.

Relieve the Pressure in the System

Heated water creates steam, which builds internal pressure inside the geyser’s cylinder. If the components of the system malfunction, this pressure can cause the system to burst. In order to relieve some of the pressure before the problem becomes worse, you will need to let the water flow out of the tank. The best way to do so is to turn on the hot-water taps within your home and let them run for a few minutes. It may also be possible that the tank’s water drains from cold-water faucets too, so these can be turned on as well.

Getting the Right Help Swiftly

Contacting a 24-hour plumber is imperative. You have no time to waste as waiting, even for a few hours, can cause irreparable damage to your property. Our 24-hour emergency services are handled by professional plumbers registered with the PIRB. Along with following the strictest industry standards, we use only SABS-approved parts for each client’s peace of mind.

When it comes to burst geyser repairs and replacements, a quick patch-up job with duct tape simply will not do. Rather call on our experts with decades of proven experience and a commitment to your satisfaction. For fast, convenient, affordable services, talk to us today.

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