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Early Leak Detection: Why It’s More Urgent Than You Think

As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”, and this is precisely what makes hidden leaks within a property so common. We cannot see behind our walls, and there’s no fixing a leak until it is found, which is why it is crucial to call professional plumbers in once you suspect a problem. We at Alpha Plumbing are specialists in leak detection services, and our advanced equipment allows us to pinpoint leaks with precision. Failure to address a leaky pipe early may lead to disastrous consequences, which we discuss below.

Leaking Pipes Waste Money

In a frugal homeowner’s mind, it might seem as though a small leak won’t make as much of a financial impact as calling in a plumber. Leaks don’t usually go away on their own, however, which means they either consistently waste water, or become worse over time. Slowly and steadily, a rising water bill accumulates. Swift leak detection means saving money in the long run.

Damage to Your Property

Water damage to property is not easy to fix – it costs a lot and repairing infrastructure takes time. Water that escapes from a leaking pipe can find its way into things like walls and skirtings, floorboards, and even ceilings. It can damage the foundation of a building, cause drywall to crumble, warp and rot wood, and damage belongings of sentimental value which money cannot replace. Early detection minimises this risk and keeps your home safe.

Your Water May Become Contaminated

Pressure in the water pipes usually forces water out, but a pressure drop can suck in material outside of the pipe, contaminating the water used for drinking and cooking. Leaks from wastewater pipes may also become a serious health hazard on the property and could lead to illness for those living there.

The Growth of Mould

Outside contaminants and wastewater are not all that could negatively affect health, the growth of mould and mildew should also be avoided. High-moisture areas, especially where leaks are found, are prone to mould growth, which produces allergens and even toxic inhalants. Mould spores can lead to respiratory infections, worsen or cause allergies, and even trigger asthma. If you notice a damp, musty odour in your home or staining and discolouration on your walls and ceiling, it is important to call in a leak detection expert.

An Unreliable Water Supply

When your pipes leak, you are essentially paying more money for less water. Leaks that are large enough may cause significant drops in water pressure at times, which is frustrating for a homeowner or business that requires a reliable, constant supply.

Watch Out for Important Signs

Knowing the signs of a leaking pipe and getting help early is essential, and a few red flags to always take seriously include:

  • Damp on the walls.
  • Sounds coming from the pipes like gurgling, hissing, or whistling.
  • A higher water bill, even when experiencing low water pressure.
  • Damage to walls or ceilings.

We at Alpha Plumbing are your early leak detection specialists, with decades of experience and a phenomenal reputation behind our name. Using cutting-edge technologies, we will identify leaking pipes and handle the problem in no time. For professional services that offer swift convenience, call on us today.

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