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Emergency Plumber

Are You in Need of Emergency Plumbing Services?

During the holidays, it can be difficult to deal with an emergency at home, a plumbing or electrical emergency, in particular. For your peace of mind, Alpha Plumbing is open throughout December. Our emergency plumbing services will supply you with a professional and certified plumber to attend to problems such as blocked drains, leaking pipes, or a burst geyser. Therefore, you can sit back and relax throughout your holiday, knowing that we have your back if a plumbing-related problem surfaces.

How Can Alpha Plumbing Assist Me?

There is a wide variety of plumbing-related issues that can pop up at any time. Our services can assist you with leaking toilets, taps, pipes, and geysers. Not to mention assistance with geyser repairs, blocked drains and sewage pipes, leak detection, jet blasting, and drainage solutions for your property. We are available around the clock and throughout the week. Therefore, no matter the day or time, you can contact us to address your emergency plumbing issues.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can cause a big problem within a short amount of time, dependent on the severity of the leak. Leaking taps and toilets are common and can increase your monthly utility bill without you really noticing it. Leaking plumbing pipes and geysers are more noticeable, displacing more water than a single tap or toilet. Such a leak will also create a body of water in the ceiling or wall, which can cause severe water damage if not attended to. As a result, if you notice an irregular increase in your monthly bill, or a clear sign that you are dealing with a burst pipe or geyser, Alpha Plumbing is your solution.

Blocked Drains and Sewage Systems

Blocked drains and sewage systems are also common occurrences. Blockages can be created by mineral build-up or solids travelling through the system. Tree roots can also cause severe blockages. If you are noticing a damp or swamp-like area in your yard, you might be dealing with a blocked drain or sewage system, causing a leak that causes the damp surface terrain. Our jet blasting services are ideal for flushing out blocked sewage systems and underground piping systems to be rid of any internal blockages. We can also assist with tree root blockages, where the roots of a tree are impeding an underground piping system.

Certified Emergency Plumbing Services

Our plumbers are certified professionals, following IOSPA, ECSA, and PIRB standards when attending to your plumbing requirements. Therefore, you are in good hands when choosing us as your emergency plumbers. We have more than 3 decades of experience as a business, operating in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas to serve your needs when you need us the most. We offer no additional after-hours charge to ensure that you can experience same-day plumbing repairs and put your plumbing problems behind you to enjoy a lovely holiday with family and friends.

When you need emergency plumbing services in Gauteng during the upcoming holidays, Alpha Plumbing is your first choice. For more info on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details or contact us directly with any enquiries. Enjoy your December holidays while knowing that we have you covered.

In Need of Emergency Plumbing?

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