Dealing with a Blocked Drains

Drainage is a necessity when dealing with running water. When it comes to your home, you must ensure that your drains are clear and able to effectively drain away any fluids. There are several DIY fixes to address minor blockages. However, when you need an expert to assist you in unblocking a drain, Alpha Plumbing is your solution. Roots can also be the cause of drain blocks, requiring a more rigorous solution. By choosing Alpha Plumbing you can expect professional assistance with drain blocks to find an optimal way to clear your drains.

How Can I Clear My Drains?

There are several feasible methods to clear a minor blockage in the kitchen, bathroom, or washroom. These methods are aimed at maintaining a clear flow for your drains, avoiding larger issues down the road. However, when you are dealing with a larger problem, it is always smart to get a professional plumber to assist you with such a problem. You can also buy a variety of products to help with minor drain blocks.

How to Handle a Minor Mineral Build-Up

Kitchen sink drains can develop blockages as a result of mineral build-up from various fluids being drained through such a system. To deal with such a type of build-up, you can pour boiled water down the drain. If the pipes that are connected to the drain are ceramic or metal, you can use water that is at boiling temperatures for optimal results. However, if the connected pipes are plastic, PVC, or a similar softer material, wait for the boiled water to cool off a bit first. Otherwise, the scorching temperatures can cause joints to melt or damage the interior of the pipelines.

Boiled water is an effective way of clearing any mineral deposits, allowing the heat and the flow of the water to break down the blockage. Other fluid-based products can also be used in such an instance, with the most extreme example being chemical drain cleaners. These drain cleaners are dangerous to use and should be approached with caution, serving as a last result when dealing with a stubborn blockage. When it comes to dealing with a blockage that is created by solid materials as opposed to mineral deposits, regular fluid-based solutions will not be as effective.

The Function of a Plunger

Plungers can be used on a variety of blocked drains, ranging from kitchens sinks to toilets. They are extremely effective when dealing with solids that are blocking a drain by creating a push-pull effect within a system. A plunger creates a vacuum push-pull by forcing the plunger over the drain inlet and motioning the plunger accordingly. The effect of the push-pull motion will jar loose any solids that are causing a drain blockage. However, when the blockage is caused by tree roots, a plunger will not be effective.

Alpha Plumbing is your answer when you are dealing with blocked drains that require a professional solution. We are available around the clock and serve the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. Our plumbers are certified and qualified professionals, and can also assist with leak detection, burst pipes, and geyser repair. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today with any inquiries.