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Don’t Get Stuck Without a Plan When a Leak Occurs in Your Home

All infrastructure deteriorates with time. The more something gets used, the more wear and tear it endures and the shorter its lifespan. Like appliances, furniture, and everything else within our homes, our plumbing systems also degrade, resulting in bursts or cracked pipes that cause leaks. The added risk with these unseen leaks is that the water that escapes the pipes will seep into surrounding walls and floors, often resulting in extensive damage to the home. Getting the issue sorted out quickly with leak detection specialists like our team at Alpha Plumbing will save you time and money in the long run.

Leak Detection at Home: Knowing the Signs

Your property’s plumbing is mainly hidden behind walls, under the floors and ground, and even above the ceiling. This makes it almost impossible to catch a leak the moment it occurs. Finding damp spots on the wall or floor, water stains, and the growth of mould and mildew are pretty good indicators of a leaking pipe. That said, accurately identifying where it is will require the expertise of a leak detection expert. Other signs your plumbing may have sprung a leak include:

  • Strange noises coming from the plumbing like hissing or gurgling could indicate water escaping from a pipe. This is a more obvious sign, which means you should turn off your water supply at once and call in a plumber.
  • Low water pressure from the taps. Water running more slowly than usual when opening a faucet could mean it is lost elsewhere.
  • A higher water bill despite using the same amount of water you do each month. If you have not changed your water usage habits, but your monthly bill continues to rise, you may have a leaking pipe on your hands.

You can also use your water meter as a form of leak detection. Take a look at your water meter and find the leak indicator – it may look different across various water meter brands, but is sometimes a small dial shaped like a triangle or a rotating silver wheel. If the indicator is moving, it may be a sign that a pipe within your property is leaking.

If you cannot find such a dial, you can also turn off all the running water and taps on your property and make certain no water is being used. Next, take a reading on your water meter and wait an hour or two, ensuring that no water is used while you wait. Then, go back to your water meter and take a new reading. If the second reading is different from the first one, there is a chance of a leak somewhere.

Call on Alpha Plumbing’s Leak Detection Professionals

Knowing you have a leaking pipe is one thing, but finding it is quite another. Without specialised equipment, you may have to damage your property to find the source of the issue. Our qualified and experienced plumbers here at Alpha Plumbing make use of world-class detection technology and equipment to pinpoint leaks with expert precision. We then rapidly repair them so you can further avoid an escalating water bill. Convenience is our commitment to you. We aim to offer solutions that are swift, effective, and affordable. By handling the hassle for you and ensuring top-quality results, you don’t need to stress. For more information, contact us today.

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