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Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains: 5 Fantastic Reasons to Call Our Experts First

Blocked drains seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, such as family gatherings or when you simply have no time to sort the issue out yourself. Some clogging is too severe for any do-it-yourself solutions anyway, and having an expert on-call to sort the issue out quickly will save you much stress. Here at Alpha Plumbing, we get the job done – no matter how big or small. With advanced technology, approved products, and a highly qualified team of experts on our side, you can trust us to provide world-class plumbing solutions. If you are curious about why to partner with our company, below are five notable reasons.

  1. We Boast Over 30 Years of Experience

Established in 1989, we at Alpha Plumbing have grown tremendously over the years and expanded our service offerings significantly. With over 30 years of exceptional service, we have cemented ourselves as industry leaders when it comes to all things plumbing. Our esteemed customers know they can count on us for expertise and a seamless service experience.

  • We Specialise in Blocked Drains

Our drain-cleaning experts will not only assist you in identifying the issue but will make quick work of the crisis with money-saving efficiency. Our same-day services will ensure that no blocked drains become a bigger problem or even a health hazard, which removes the stress from your shoulders.

  • You Can Expect an Extensive Guarantee

For ordinary blocked drains, we offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee on our workmanship. On any blockages as a result of invasive tree roots, our offer is a three-month guarantee that the same issue will not reoccur. Our extensive guarantees on blocked drains extend to areas across the Greater Johannesburg, as well as Pretoria.

  • We Offer 24-Hour Emergency Services

Some blocked drains are so severe that immediate professional assistance is required. Unfortunately, many plumbing companies only offer services during the working week. Alpha Plumbing, on the other hand, provides 24/7 services to customers, no matter the time of day or night. Now, there is no need to wait for the end of a long weekend or until the next morning to sort out a clogged pipe – we will do it for you, hassle-free.

  • No After-hours Surcharge

Another benefit to having Alpha Plumbing on speed dial is that along with our 24/7 services, we do not charge extra for services rendered after hours. No after-hours surcharge means that you are free to contact us whenever you require assistance without any worrying about additional fees.

What Are the Signs of a Blocked Drain?

While it is not always possible to figure out where the issue lies without expert insight, there are a few signs that may indicate your plumbing is clogged somewhere. Unpleasant odours from the drain, gurgling sounds from the pipes, slow water drainage down a drain, and raised water levels in the toilet could all be important signs one should never ignore. With our state-of-the-art electronic rotary drain-cleaning equipment, no task is too tough for us to tackle. Our same-day services for blocked drains are charged at a flat rate, so you are not left with a surprise bill when we are done. For more information on our top-tier services, be sure to give us a call today.

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