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7 Reasons to Use Jet-Blasting Services

7 Reasons to Use Jet-Blasting Services to Clear Blocked Drains and Pipes

Blocked drains can lead to severe property damage if not addressed, not to mention the disruption it causes due to the fact that you cannot use your bathroom or kitchen. While there are various techniques to clear blocked pipes, jet-blasting services are one of the best methods to use. Here is why:

  1. Jet-blasting services are suitable for all types of blockages. While certain cleaning methods focus on grease, tree roots, or other specific causes, this method does not discriminate. The force of the water will remove any and all blockages, as well as clear the walls of the pipe. And yes, this includes tree roots.
  2. It provides a thorough cleaning solution. Jet-blasting services take care of the blockage but also clears out all other build-up and dirt that may have accumulated in the pipe, helping to prevent future blockages. Because of the strength of the jet, it can even remove grease and bacteria.
  3. It’s fast. Jet blasting services work much faster than other pipe-clearing techniques, such as the electric-eel method, or using drain-cleaning chemicals. This is very handy when you need to sort out a blocked drain in a hurry.
  4. Jet-blasting services are generally less invasive. This method does not require any digging, which means it is much less disruptive and damaging to your property. In addition, no digging also means that there is no need for surface rehabilitation afterwards, eliminating further ancillary costs.
  5. It’s less damaging to your plumbing pipes than other methods. If you are using chemicals, these are often very strong to help dissolve whatever is causing the blockage. These corrosive chemicals can also be damaging to your pipes, especially if they are very old or if the chemicals are not properly removed from them after cleaning.
  6. Jet-blasting services provide an eco-friendly solution. Because this method uses blasts of high-pressure water to clear any obstruction rather than relying on chemicals, it is ultimately better for the environment. Most chemicals used for cleaning ends up in the waterways and, ultimately, the oceans, where it could be harmful to marine life.
  7. It’s better for the health of your family. The same is true for you and your family. Most chemical pipe cleaners are very strong and could be harmful, which is why you must keep most of them away from children and animals and wear protective gear when using them. Jet-blasting services eliminate the need for chemicals.

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