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DIY Plumbing: What You Can and Cannot Do Yourself

Remember how proud you were the first time you fixed that broken lock on the door? How about that time when you managed to fix your car without getting a mechanic involved? Whatever the task, we get it – there is a lot of satisfaction in doing things yourself. Not to mention all the money you could potentially save.

The same goes for your plumbing. It is tempting to just sort out problems yourself. How difficult can it be? Generally, we’d be happy to cheer you on, but you do need to be aware that not all DIY plumbing is legal. You may think no one will know but the problem comes when you want to sell your property. By law, you are required to provide a Certificate of Compliance when selling your property and uncertified plumbing might end up eating into your profits when the time comes.

So, what DIY plumbing are you allowed to do?

asic maintenance and cosmetic changes are generally allowed. This means you can confidently replace your faucet washers, change tap parts or toilet parts, and flush out blocked drains. You can also perform some more intricate tasks yourself, such as replace showerheads or even install whole shower sets, change taps, or replace sinks or baths.

What should you leave to the professionals?

If it requires any new plumbing infrastructure, leave it to the certified experts. All construction, renovations, and extensions should be overseen by a qualified and registered plumber, who should then also issue you with a Certificate of Compliance. The same goes for any maintenance, repairs, or replacements of geysers. This is required by law and non-compliance can lead to insurance disputes, not to mention safety risks.

If you need professional plumbing work of any kind done or aren’t sure whether you’re allowed to do something yourself, call Alpha Plumbing. Our experts are ready around the clock to help you find the perfect plumbing solution.


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