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Geyser Repairs

Common Signs that Your Geyser May Need Emergency Repairs

It may be strange to think that a few hundred years ago, having a hot bath wasn’t the easily accessible luxury it is today. These days, many modern homes have the privilege of a quick, warm shower without a second thought. In fact, the only time we seem to appreciate hot water in our homes is when the power is cut, or when our geyser is suddenly in need of repairs. A disruption in hot water is exceptionally inconvenient, especially in those cooler months when geysers are in heavier use. Faulty geysers can also lead to damage within the home which is costly to fix. When such an emergency strikes, you can always rely on us at Alpha Plumbing to help you with the issue swiftly.

Geyser troubleshooting is difficult, especially if you suspect there may be a problem but remain unsure of the cause. Below, we take a look at some signs that your geyser might require urgent repairs, and what steps to take thereafter to avoid any water damage to your home.

Continual or Excessive Dripping Overflow

It is normal to expect some dripping from your geyser. As the system inevitably heats up and cools down, some water may drip or leak through the pressure-control valve overflow pipe. This turns into an issue, however, when the dripping becomes incessant or if leaking accumulates to a few litres in a day. It could also be an indication of a faulty valve or that one of the components of the geyser needs repairs.

Overheating and Visible Steam

In the case of the system’s thermostat failing, the water inside the tank may begin to boil. As temperature and pressure on the inside increase, the temperature safety valve may open to prevent the system from exploding. This scenario can be incredibly dangerous, and it is essential to call on your local plumbing experts as soon as possible. Signs that overheating geysers show, include hot water or steam coming out of the overflow pipe.

Water Coming from Your Ceiling

Not everyone’s geysers are visibly situated in the home. Many are installed above the ceiling, and so noticing any issues with them can be tricky. If you happen to hear dripping in your ceiling, or notice any wet spots or water leaking from that area, it could be a sign that geyser repairs are urgently required.

Little to No Hot Water Anymore

If you find that you have very little to no hot water, or that your geyser trips your power, it is best to call in the professionals. This could be a sign that the system’s thermostat or element is malfunctioning, or it could be caused by a faulty breaker.

In the event of any of these red flags, especially if you suspect it has burst, switch off the geyser’s switch on the main electrical distribution board. You can then open a tap to let the hot water run out and relieve some pressure. Lastly, turn off your water at the water mains and call an emergency plumber.

If you ever happen to be stuck in a muddle and in urgent need of geyser repairs, you can always call on us. With decades of experience, a PIRB-qualified and -registered team of experts, and the highest regard for our esteemed customers, you can trust us to exceed your expectations. For more information on our 24/7 emergency services, be sure to contact us any time.

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