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Geyser Repairs and Burst Pipes

Taking Care of Your Geyser

Geysers play a pivotal role in the modern household, providing hot water by simply opening a tap. Although geysers are commonly taken for granted, it is important to maintain it and ensure its integrity. In many cases, a geyser can last for extended periods without any problems, dependent on how it is installed and how it functions. We can assist with the installation, as we offer professional and accredited plumbers who can deliver optimal solutions for your premises or home.

Geysers have become a necessity in the modern household, storing and heating water safely for use on demand. However, when a geyser or a pipe bursts, you need an expert to come to the rescue. During Winter, geysers and pipes in your home are exposed to high temperature fluctuations, which can cause structural damage and lead to leaks or bursts. Although pipe leaks are not as easy to recognise, you will definitely know when your geyser bursts, as you will suddenly have a large body of water directly underneath it to deal with. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand what could cause a geyser to burst, ensuring that you can take care of yours accordingly.

Common Elements that Lead to Burst Geysers and Pipes

  • Sediment Accumulation

Municipal water contains a wide selection of minerals, which will start to build up in your geyser over time. These minerals will settle at the bottom of the geyser, causing it to overheat when the sediment becomes too hard or too large. When your geyser overheats, the temperature will cause the structure to thermally expand to a point where it could burst. Therefore, we recommend continual maintenance to address such a problem.

  • Rust

Rust is one of the most common problems with any metallic surface, as it naturally occurs due to oxidation. Water is also a contributing factor to rust, which can cause structural damage for geysers and pipes. With rust build-up over time, the structural integrity of geysers and pipes will decrease, making them more susceptible to springing leaks or bursting.

  • Faulty Pressure-Relief Valve or Thermostat

Geysers are considered as high-pressure vessels, which means that they are fitted with a pressure-relief valve to regulate the pressure within the vessel. They are also fitted with a thermostat to control the temperature level of the water inside the vessel. If either of these components are incorrectly installed, faulty, or incorrectly set, it could lead to a geyser and/or a pipe burst. Therefore, we highly recommend that you ask a professional to inspect and maintain your geyser to ensure that your hot-water supply does not run cold during Winter.

Alpha Plumbing is your partner when you need plumbing experts to deal with geyser and pipe problems in your home. We offer professional and accredited plumbers who can ensure that geyser installations are done correctly. They can also repair and maintain your geyser to ensure that your household has hot water. For more info on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details on our available services. Choose us today for all your plumbing needs.

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