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Geyser Law

How Does the Geyser Law Affect Me as A Homeowner?

Plumbing – and the services involved with it – is regulated by a lot more laws than many home dwellers may realise. What’s more, new amendments are regularly added to these laws, which may go unnoticed by the general public. The good news is that these laws are meant to improve safety and protect homeowners. The bad news is that you might suffer consequences for not being compliant with these laws.

The latest amendment to the so-called “Geyser Law” that affect homeowners, is the requirement that each and every geyser that is installed, replaced, repaired, or has undergone maintenance, must be issued with a compliance certificate from a registered plumber.

What is a registered plumber?

This is a plumber who has completed and passed an officially recognised qualification. This official qualification can be obtained via:

  • an apprenticeship, plus passing a Government Trade Test Certificate for Plumbing;
  • college training approved by the Construction Education and Training Authority (Ceta), with a Certificate in Construction Plumbing NQF Level 3; or
  • five or more years of plumbing-installation work experience and the successful completion of a Section 28 Plumbing Trade Test

Only a registered plumber can issue a compliance certificate for work carried out on a geyser.

What is this certificate of compliance?

This certificate ensures that the work performed was done by a qualified professional according to predetermined standards and using standard, quality parts. This is to enforce a minimum standard in acceptable workmanship, thereby protecting the public against preventable geyser accidents and unqualified plumbers or fraudsters.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Apart from the risk of receiving substandard work and potentially suffering the consequences thereof, insurance brokers can also legally refuse to cover related damaged if any geyser maintenance was not compliant with the requirements of the law.

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