What to Consider When Choosing your Blocked Drain Plumber

What to Consider When Choosing your Blocked Drain Plumber

Blocked drains are common in kitchens and bathrooms as a result of daily use. There are several quick fixes and DIY solutions for small and manageable blockages. However, when you need an expert, Alpha Plumbing can be your solution. We offer certified plumbers who can deliver professional services and tackle tough drain blockages in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. We also offer a 1-month unconditional guarantee when clearing drains, which is extended to 3 months if the cause of the blockage was tree roots.

What Sets Us Apart

Many people would choose plumbing services on the grounds of availability and responsiveness without considering elements such as guarantees and expertise. Apart from our guarantees and being certified plumbers, we also offer our services on a 24-hour basis, giving you the peace of mind that we are on standby for your blocked drain emergency – all of that at the same flat rate 24/7. We only make use of state-of-the-art Rotary Drain Cleaning Technology to ensure that your drain is cleared effectively and thoroughly. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver a solution when you are at a loss with blocked drains in your home.

How Do I Deal with Blocked Drains?

Since drains can be blocked due to daily use, it is always handy to have some DIY tricks up your sleeve to clear small blockages. In the case where the block is still not cleared up, one of our plumbers can take care of the matter for you. Plungers are reasonably effective tools for clearing blocked drains. By applying pressure and releasing it through the motion of using a plunger, the block can be forced loose to be flushed through the system. Plungers are ideal when a block is caused by solid matter. However, when you are dealing with mineral and fat blockages, the push-pull motion will not be as effective.

Boiled water is useful when dealing with a blocked drain in the kitchen sink or washroom, as most of these blockages are caused by fat, grease, and other minerals. In the case where your sink is fitted with galvanized pipes, boiled water is ideal to loosen the blockage and let it flush through the system. If you are dealing with PVC joints and plastic pipes, let the boiling water cool down for a bit first. Otherwise, it may melt the joints or cause damage to the interior surfaces of the pipes.

Alpha Plumbing offers decades of experience in the field of plumbing. We offer more than just your standard plumbing services, with certified plumbers and guarantees on our blocked drain services that are available whenever you need us. We go the extra mile for our clients to ensure that you are satisfied with our solutions regarding blocked drains and other plumbing-related problems such as burst pipes and geysers. If you live in the greater Johannesburg and surrounding areas and require professional plumbers to assist you, we are a mere phone call away. Choose us today for all your plumbing needs.


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