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Meet Our Team

Alpha Plumbing is a family-run business that is governed by old-school values such as honesty, integrity, and attention to detail.

Johan Landman

Chief Executive Officer & Business Owner

Johan is one of the co-owners and also the MD and CEO. He is a qualified plumber and registered with the Plumbing Institute Regulatory Board (PIRB). He served as a lieutenant in the army before co-founding the family business with his parents in 1989, soon rising to the top, as all the best people do. Johan does not believe in shortcuts. His father, a civil engineer, taught him to do things right the first time. During the past 30 years, he has been actively involved in the civil-works and plumbing industries, honing his skills and cultivating his success.

Johan leads with conviction and he is a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of his company’s work and service delivery. He is fiercely loyal to his staff, always willing to lend a hand, offer advice or boost morale with an impromptu celebration of a customer’s compliment on a job well done. It is, therefore, not surprising that Alpha’s staff is so loyal in return, the majority having been with the company for more than 15 years – and several for more than 20.

Johan’s staff has been trained to the highest standards, so he trusts them to make the best decisions, independently, on site. This ensures a top-quality customer experience – and empowers his employees with a sense of dignity, knowing they are trusted to do their best work with pride.

Maryna Landman

Legal Adviser & Business Owner

Maryna is the inspired and enthusiastic co-owner of Alpha Plumbing and our Legal Advisor. She studied Law at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), graduating with a BCom, LLB (cum laude). With her background, Maryna oversees contracts, disciplinary proceedings, and labour relations. She is our local, legal know-it-all!

Maryna’s faith is the foundation of our values of honesty and integrity. She is passionate about building our business and an enthusiastic motivator and encourager. Never content to sit about or waste a minute, she also keeps an eye over another passion – marketing!

Natazha Koen

Operations Manager

Natazha is who prevents Alpha’s wheels from coming off. As Operations Manager, she navigates the ship. She has been with us from virtually the beginning– 32 years ago.

She takes the majority of the incoming calls, allocates resources, and manages the plumbers’ scheduling. Amidst all that, she will go to the moon and back to solve a customer’s problem in double time.

Always dedicated to her job, she is an expert at multitasking. Everybody wants Natazha – even the competition – but she has remained loyal to Alpha all these years. Throughout the ups and downs, she has always put our business and the needs of her customers and colleagues first.

Natazha knows the business inside out. Whether it is instantly remembering a customer’s name, number, or email address, or quickly giving advice over the phone so customers can manage their emergency plumbing problem until the plumber arrives. She knows plumbing. We suspect that we could just give her a toolbox, send her out, and she will be able to do the job herself … Now, there is an idea!

Sunè van der Walt

Customer Services Executive

Sunè is the friendly, upbeat voice that assists with receiving incoming calls and customer service. She does this with elan and enthusiasm, which makes her ideal for the job and a firm favourite amongst our customers. In addition, she is key to our successful quotation system. Sunè is a fairly new recruit but we can already see the difference she makes! She enables us to improve customer satisfaction to precedented levels.

In the field

Meet Our Team

Dewald Scheepers


Dewald’s success story is the stuff of legend. He joined Alpha fresh out of matric. He was shy, unqualified, inexperienced, and started on the bottom rung of the ladder. He had what it takes. He worked extremely hard, studying after-hours, and eventually earning his title of fully qualified, PIRB-registered plumber who is extremely capable and knowledgeable today. Now he is in charge of our specialised service of leak detection. And he is an expert at drawing up quotations.
Monde Sapepa


Monde is Dewald’s valuable assistant and has been a loyal employee at Alpha for 19 years. He is particularly skilled and knowledgeable in leak detection and is always eager to lend a helping hand.
Jan Monyuku


Jan has been working for Alpha Plumbing for more than 20 years and is one of our most skilled and friendly plumbers. He has proven himself to be loyal and hold him in the highest regard for his expertise in all things plumbing and his sense of optimism. His work ethic and customer service are unparalleled. It is no coincidence that Jan’s assistant shares his surname – Jan and Piet are a father-and-son addition to our family business. Together, they make a formidable team.

Piet Monyuku


Piet aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional plumber. He says he enjoys working at Alpha Plumbing, “The people I work with, feel like family. They are always willing to help and support me, no matter what.” We are enthusiastic about Piet’s potential and future prospects.
Alfred Myeki


Alfred has been with Alpha Plumbing for almost 25 years and has become a consummate all-rounder. There is absolutely no plumbing problem that Alfred cannot handle. While his skill and knowledge are beyond reproach, he is such a polite, good-natured, and kind human being as well. He is an excellent team leader and a true perfectionist when it comes to his work.
Maxwell Zulu


Maxwell might be our youngest supervisor, but he has earned that position during his past 17 years of hard work and dedication to his job. He has an infectious enthusiasm and is a studious learner, quickly attaining all the skills a supervisor is expected to have. He was instructed by the best in the business – Alpha’s senior plumbers. He likes to crack a joke but takes his work very seriously and treats his customers with respect and courtesy.
Maxwell "2" Sibanda


Maxwell “2” (so named to distinguish him from our longstanding plumber who is also named Maxwell) started at Alpha Plumbing in 2013 as a temporary worker. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn has since seen him appointed permanently as part of the Alpha teams. Maxwell’s eagerness to learn has made him a worthy and knowledgeable team assistant.

Alpheus Mosena


Alpheus is our gentle giant, and he is as kind as he is loyal to his plumbing family. He always has Alpha’s best interests at heart and completes every job with pride and attention to detail. Alpheus is in charge of the larger-scale construction and installation projects and is a brilliant supervisor who manages his team effectively and always gets the best out of them. He has been a loyal Alpha employee for 28 years.

Nelson Mbele


Nelson started out as a temporary worker at Alpha in 2014. Noticing his potential, we invited him to permanently join the Alpha Family in 2015, as an assistant to Alpheus. Because he was eager to learn from one of the best construction plumbers, it has made him a valuable assistant on larger-scale construction and installation projects.

Herbert Dlamini


Herbert, also known as Green – his nickname of unknown origin – has been at Alpha for over 24 years. Leading a blockage team, he is the master of blocked drains and fixing them. He is uncommonly strong too! He has honed his skills to perfection over many years and he has become the go-to man when it comes to clearing a drain.

Sangwani Mudia


Sangwani is a 2020-recruit and is learning the trade from one of the best – Herbert. He is a proud Christian, often opening our morning meeting with prayer and a family-man who enjoys a variety of hobbies. Sangwani has shown himself to be a person of integrity who is very eager to learn and has a bright future ahead of him.

Robert Mudau


Robert has learned all the tricks of the trade during the 20 years he has been unblocking drains for Alpha Plumbing. Robert started out as an assistant but by virtue of his dedication to his job, he is now at the helm of a Blockage Team. He is well-spoken and polite – our customers rave about his service.

Isaac Kuna


Isaac is Robert’s 2020-appointed driver and assistant. He is enthusiastic and ambitious, eager to learn and work to the best of his ability. He impressed us, from the outset, with his dynamic personality. He fits right into Alpha’s family atmosphere, being married with 2 children himself.
Cabangani Sibiya


Cabangani, also known as “Remember”, joined the Alpha Plumbing team at the turn of the decade in 2020. He is a committed, churchgoing family-man who loves gospel music. Cabangani started out in the plumbing industry as a driver but quickly developed an interest in the trade and progressed from helping the pros to becoming a fully-fledged, full-time plumber himself. He adopted the Alpha family thanks to our established business, excellent reputation, and family atmosphere. He believes we are going places and wants to join us on that journey.

Thomas Chauke


Thomas, who has been a loyal member of the Alpha team for over 15 years, is Cabangani’s assistant. Thomas is a skilled and  knowledgeable assistant who can attend to several plumbing problems independently, if called upon to do so. He is a loyal, dependable, and hardworking employee.

Zwele Ngwenya


Zwele is an exceptionally accomplished and experienced plumber who joined our team in 2021 – what a gem! He is a team player with strong leadership skills – instantly likeable with his beaming smile and impeccable people skills. He is a godly family-man who sets high standards for himself in everything he does.

Luke Frackwell


Luke is Zwele’s trusted assistant. He has been at Alpha for around 10 years and is a competent and conversant assistant who is able to attend to most plumbing problems independently if the need arises. Together, Luke and Zwele make a fantastic team whose skill set is hard to beat.

Milo The "Plumbdog"

The Mascot

Milo is a lot of things. He is Johan’s English Bulldog and shadow – and Alpha’s mascot. He is a legend in his own slobbering lunchtime. Completely unlike the humans at Alpha Plumbing, Milo is our extremely lazy Plumbdog.

Needless to say, everybody at the office loves our waddling Plumbdog, especially because he is so friendly. That is why he was recently appointed as part of the reception team, regularly seeking a rub or a pat from visitors who are eagerly welcomed. A fierce guard dog he is not! He will rather make you feel guilty with the puppy-dog look he has crafted to perfection and with which he bums some lunch off you!

Alpha Plumbing is a family business, so Milo fits right in. After all, would it be a plumbing family without a Plumbdog?

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Do not take a chance on a plumbing emergency. Alpha Plumbing’s professionalism, workmanship, rapid turnaround times, and competitive rates apply 24/7. Our parts are SABS-approved, and our high-tech solutions include CCTV drain inspections and, advanced water leak detection. We do not just do it all, we do it best.