Save Time and Money with our Advanced Leak Detection Solutions

The ease of modern living means that many homes can now readily rely on running water straight from the tap. This water is used for a whole host of daily activities, from cooking and washing clothes, to hygiene routines like bathing or brushing our teeth. Water is needed not just to assist in our lives, but to sustain them. It is, therefore, rather frustrating when something goes wrong with our plumbing and disrupts this necessity. A common cause for concern for many property owners is a sprung leak, as it must be dealt with quickly to avoid costly repairs. At Alpha Plumbing, we utilise advanced technology when it comes to leak detection, and then sort out the issue in no time.

About Our Leak Detection Solutions

Though it is not visible, most homes have a network of water pipes that thread through walls, ceilings, and even run beneath floors. This plumbing system is hidden from sight and any leaks that happen are difficult to spot until enough damage occurs.

Homeowners should always pay close attention to monthly water bills to pinpoint month-to-month changes that may indicate water is being wasted somewhere. Other signs of potential leaks include rising damp along the walls, peeling or chipping paint, dark and discoloured patches on walls, low water pressure, or strange sounds coming from the plumbing. Mould and mildew are other common occurrences that indicate the accumulation of moisture where it should not be.

Here at Alpha Plumbing, we understand that leak detection is challenging, but our world-class solutions will take care of it for you. We employ several innovative methods that make leak detection quick and efficient, such as:

  • Hydrogen and nitrogen gas injections
  • Thermal cameras and imaging
  • Ultrasonic leak sensors
  • Electronic moisture meters
  • Acoustic ground microphones
  • Fluorescent dye (superb for detecting leaks in pools)

Our targeted leak detectors ensure accuracy and prevent the need to break through entire sections of your home to find the issue. Not only do we identify the problem area with precision, but we handle the issue swiftly and professionally.

Why to Never Ignore a Suspected Leak

Not all water leaks show up as a major spike in your monthly water account – they may be small enough to go unnoticed. Even small leaks, however, can cause moisture to accumulate in the surrounding infrastructure which results in major damage over time. Walls may begin to crack or crumble, and floors may warp, swell, or weaken. This water damage could also be much more extensive than it first appears, and the cost of repairs needed might increase the longer the leak persists.

Why to Call on Alpha Plumbing

As industry leaders, we offer a wide range of services, from leak detection to sorting out blocked drains in a jiffy. No matter your plumbing needs, we can help. Our experience in top-notch plumbing solutions spans over three decades, and our phenomenal reputation means you can trust us. As IOPSA- and PIRB-certified professionals, we aim to go the extra mile for every client and deliver exceptional, cost-effective services while using SABS-approved products.

The best part is that we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing support and same-day services without an after-hours surcharge. So, the next time you are in need of a plumbing expert, be sure to call on us.